Riding Steady (XR - Pint - Plus), The Daily Ride Crew Roll Call (Not Riding a V1, Can Add Data by Tribute) Moved ~ 5 Spots in 30 Days

  • Well, I got up to #8 on the Plus Daystreak... but spilled again with bruised ribs (edit: two fractured ribs) and bruised hip... not likely to ride in this all day rain, today.

    And that #10 I am yearning for on the Plus Mileage Leaderboard will likely be delayed for a while -- fortnights of riding half a thousand miles will not be happening this moon.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Bruised rib and hip sucks, been a while but I remember never wanting to do it again. Hope that heals up quick!

  • Wow, I am impressed with myself for piecing together the facts of the fall. Riding without a stock battery the XT60 connector came loose going over a bump (I had not taped it like I usually do) while at the same moment I was braking, giving no place for the regen to go. That resulted in an overcharge notification and severe momentary pushback which I tried to compensate for... but power was already cut making braking reaction useless and a recipe to fall backwards.

    The confusing jigsaw had been the overcharge notification and subsequent board behavior very much like overcharge cut-outs I have experienced in the past -- freewheel rolling with slippery, hard plastic tail bumper doing nothing to slow it down. It also explains the severe momentary pushback of overcharge cut-out. Had I been accelerating instead of braking when the XT60 came loose the result would have been a nosedive and fall forward, with no notification or pushback. By the way, this was five miles into the ride -- plenty for the EGO batteries to be in a charge condition to accept the braking regen had they not disconnected at that moment. Solving the mystery makes it hurt less! At least in my mind anyway.

    Edit: Precautions for my continued Onewheel riding: #1. Make sure the battery connectors cannot come undone! #2. Safety gear: Hip pads on BOTH hips in addition to helmet, elbow, knee, and tailbone pads; maybe add boots or ankle pads, too. #3. NO backpack or book bag with a heavy battery to fall on and impact ribs adversely; instead strap both EGO batteries to the fender, or use only one at a time.

    'Painful lesson' is not just a figure of speech.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr agree totally, understanding why you fell is key to getting confidence back.

    Like many onewheelers I ride and used to race motorcycles. It pays to walk the location where the crash occurred and work through the events.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    Heal up fully and be safe out there.

  • Well - Back in the chase on the OW+ @ 17th position after 11 days.

    Still riding towards the 365 days in a row on the XR but the App did not sync at day 326 back on 04-16-2021 and FM was not able to fix, even with proof, (just an email saying "you will be back again in no time and be sure to link up before midnight"). So I will hit my 365 date on 5-25-2021 (Goals.... LOL).

  • First day back on the Plus, nine days after a fall -- #101 on the Plus Daystreak. IMG_2892.PNG

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Glad to see you back on the board again. Nice number to return to as well :)

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    Streaking with the Plus is moving faster these days it seems....

    I am between 12 & 13th with 19 days in. Need to get my mile in for today so I can see my spot.

  • 754A0BAF-E395-4330-8D60-B6993137FCBE.jpeg

  • @LidPhones Very clean board, Like that you can just see the sensor through the griptape.

  • @Lia
    Yeah, I am liking clear grip with bring your own color rattle can. It stick really well and gives you unlimited option.

  • @LidPhones Oh that's how you did it, was wondering.

  • Letting my Daystreak go by the wayside after tomorrow while I wait for FranKtheTanK to join to make a three-way mileage tie at #5. Note my average in this streak has been very near 35 miles per day (or 245 per week, or 1050 per month).

  • @blkwalnutgrwr A commendable reason to break your streak.
    You could unofficially keep it going though by just not syncing the board with the app on those days :)

    Note my average in this streak has been very near 35 miles per day

    Excuse me what...?
    alt text
    That's like 6x mine (I aim for 10k a day average)

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Your decision has probably already been made but I hope you reconsider. It would be great to see you on 3 spots on the leaderboard (after you relink your V1) I hope Frank plays along and we get to see the first three-way tie on the leaderboard. If you stick to your plan I imagine we will be seeing you on the V1 day streak top 5 in no time.

  • Hi @HanahsDax -- Thanks for your input, I considered continuing with the daystreak and up the mileage board, but decided to try to let Frank catch up -- again I am wishing for a triple tie. On the main Plus I have been running with your motor, as the Plus I was trying to build was giving me odd behavior with either motor. Yours seems to be working great in my daily ride! For the meantime now until I get back to riding the Plus, I added freewheel brakes to my V1, a long blue barrel plastic rear footpad, and a sturdy and solid fender/battery-platform built of 2x4 scraps.

    Edit: After pushing the Plus for speed and distance for the past seven months and thousands of miles, the V1 feels sketchy and a much different style of riding -- yesterday I nipped three V1 nosedive dips in the bud, and so this morning swapped my spare Plus controller into my Plus set-up. Riding it today felt smoooth and wonderful.

  • Didn't know where else to share this so I figured here will do, I have managed 8888 km on my XR~
    Enjoy the silly gif, getting good at these lol.

  • @Lia said in Riding Steady (XR - Pint - Plus), The Daily Ride Crew Roll Call (Not Riding a V1, Can Add Data by Tribute) Moved ~ 5 Spots in 30 Days:

    Enjoy the silly gif, getting good at these lol.

    Indeed you are! This is quite professional!

  • On this very same day that HannahsDax has logged and documented his 1000th day in a row of riding Onewheels, FranKtheTanK joined a three-way tie for #5 on the Plus Leaderboard for mileage. Of course, Frank did not stay there long -- only about the amount of time it takes to ride a mile.


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