Why doesnt future motion waterproof their products?

  • I mean seriously its already 1600 dollars for the board itself (The XR at least) not including the fender or extra bumpers. Why not spend the, hell lets say, 100 dollars in production costs to waterproof the components at risk? Your ads show people riding on the beach and used to show folks riding in the rain and snow. If you are intent on shipping to 48 of the 50 states and making the warranty void if someone chooses to waterproof it themselves then I feel like its the least you could do considering in at least a dozen of those states there are only a few weeks of the year tops that the weather is dry (in the pacific northwest myself and this is definitely the case). Just what seems like a simple way to improve the product.

  • that's been brought up several times. There was even talk of a class action a while back for false advertising. All I know for sure is that FM never responds to this forum and that question has never been addressed an any company vid, or interview.

    Simple fact is, people still buy it. So why would they change.

  • yup i waterproofed my xr with the badger kit, voided my warranty at 50 miles in. was worth it though.

  • Given how FM is approaching the right-to-repair issues, and the fact that they will not sell replacements parts - you and I are now learning that FM is actually in the board REPAIR business, and not the board MANUFACTURING business.

    10 Cents in conformal coating on their PCBs would make these boards almost bullet proof, other than battery swaps and tire changes - and spare parts availability would make me a customer for life.

    I love my OW, but at this point my XR is the last dollar I'll be spending with FM unless things change.

  • The project and community are both dead. They don’t care. They have not put out anything useful or announced anything since the Pint. Their marketing team purely pushes out newsletters and advertisements to sell off whatever they have already created.

  • Maybe because it's not a water toy? If they said it was waterproof, people would find a way to drown it. There are a lot of definitions of waterproof. I understand it can be frustrating spending a lot of money on a toy and not having accessibility to it because of weather, wind or whatever. Whatever toy you choose , the only thing stopping you from going for it, is you . Just my opinion.

  • @Enterusername said in Why doesnt future motion waterproof their products?:

    Maybe because it's not a water toy? If they said it was waterproof, people would find a way to drown it.

    yeah, even the Pint, while built more with water exposure in mind, has documentation to carefully state it's "water resistant," not that it's water proof. I personally just treat mine like it's an electronic device, and avoid wet situations if at all possible. i know it's easy to forget when it's so durable in other ways, but i just try to be careful around water.

  • Can't speak for the V1 and Plus but both Pint and XR do have conformal coating on both the BMS and controller board (at least on XR 4208 and Pint 5300). The connectors on the PCB's themselves are not though so are susceptible to corrosion still if moisture does make it's way inside. Badgering as far as I'm aware doesn't void your warranty unless something changed and their FAQ hasn't been updated. Highly recommend it just for that piece of mind even if you just use your own silicone.

    As @Franko mentions the Pint is a lot more water resistant than the prior models mostly due to a power button that is sealed, motor/ footpad connector having a more sensible gasket design and the battery housing not having holes in like my XR does on the top metal casing. That said it doesn't take much to make an XR resistant enough to go for a plunge as I've done a few times.

    Personally as much as the Pint isn't my fave model it is well engineered with maybe a few questionable choices like the plastic mag handle. If FM can come out with another range focused board using what they learnt manufacturing the Pint then water should be less of an issue. They will of course tell us not to use it in the wet but that'll be more to cover themselves in the event one of us rides it into a lake.

  • Because there fuckin' idiots

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