My Pint shut down with a red indicator light on with 30% batteries left..what gives???

  • So I was cruising along and my board pushed back and I noticed a red light. So I check my app and it said I had 32% batteries left. So I thought there might be a glitch and I restarted the board and my app. This happened to me 2 more times each time I did the same thing and restarted my app. Noth times the app said I had 31% batteries and 30% batteries left. Not wanting to eat pavement again. I walked home.

    Has this happened to anyone before?

  • @seucroch most likely is the battery cells are out of balance. That means some cells have a higher state of charge than others. May be a single cell is at the bottom of the allowed voltage range and that will trigger the board to shutdown.

    Leave it on charge overnight and it will balance it's cells. If you already do that regularly then it may be the one or more cells are failing. Then your option is to try the milk crate process (search hint) to run the battery right down to the point all cells are flat. Then balance charge for at least 24hrs.

    Hope that improves it.

  • @stinkyface thanks for the tips. Much appreciated!

  • Yes I've done this recently...

    How to milk crate: Write a support ticket to inform @Future-Motion about the issue. Take a sturdy box or milk crate and perch the board up evenly without the wheel touching the ground, then place something on it that's heavy enough to activate the sensor pads up front. Document the procedure with video and take screenshots of app on your phone to show FM customer service when they finally respond. Let the board use up all it's reserve power by running the wheel until it shuts off. Send a diagnostic report via the app after the board powers down (you may need to restart the board). Once finished, then you charge it for 24-72 hrs uninterrupted. The board appears to cycle charging operations. You may notice it on a long deep charge because your board will appear to turn on by itself while charging. This procedure is not intended to be done often or regularly as it will prematurely age the battery if you consistently run your battery down so completely.

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