Has anyone worked out when the week starts?

  • I still use the OW App and just started looking at the week distance travelled.

    It looks like the week counter started mid-way through my ride yesterday!! 😆

    That would put the weekly counter out of sync with the day streak which restarts at midnight.

    Not a major, just curious.

  • @stinkyface Good question, haven't put too much thought into it but might be worth knowing ready for Spring when I start knocking some real mileage out again.
    Also curious what day it resets since I know some places set the start of a week at Sunday and others Monday (myself included).

  • @Lia Monday seems to be the beginning of the OW app's week.

  • @RickN I'm not sure. I'm in Australia, so time zones may come into it.

    All I know is I rode 15km on Sunday before midday, then 7km this Monday morning. My week count says I've ridden 11km this week??? Which makes me think it kicked over into this week part way through my Sunday morning ride.

    The cutover time would be somewhere 0hrs UTC/GMT.

    Anyone else got any data to assist?

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