Right to Repair (. . . said with love)

  • Guys,

    Love your product, love you guys for creating it - but you're alienating your customer base by locking down your hardware and refusing to sell factory replacement parts.

    I have a few thousand waiting for the next XR release, am perfectly capable of safely replacing components, and want to continue to be a part of the OneWheel family - but the idea of tacking an extra $300 (live in Alaska) in shipping to every repair & tune-up, adding 1+ months to turn-around time, only to keep my board running, it just isn't acceptable.

    At the very least, consider allowing those of us out of warranty to send the BMS/Battery Pack and/or the controller module directly to you for diagnosis/repair/replacement.

    Ideally, you could even consider a small repair network for those of us outside the Continental US; say, 1 repair center in Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

    Hell, I'd even PAY for the privilege of getting trained by you to be the first up here, and to help you all work out the bugs for future service expansion.

    But, please reconsider your present approach, as if this does not change, I will be forced to look at an EUC or AT skateboard from a manufacturer that allows me to do component level replacement.

    I have a very short riding season up here and would like to make the most of it with my OW, or at least a board I can maintain.


  • @Kielanders seconded. To import a new board or get a board returned into Australia after repair, you need to pay a fee to declare that it isn't a motor vehicle!

  • @stinkyface

    Yep, it's insane for you guys overseas, and it's not much better for us up here.

    It would be literally cheaper and less hassle for me to ship my OW back to FM on an ocean barge, then to deal with the cost and paperwork headaches of dealing with USPS, UPS, or FedEx. But, that would be two months out of my life never coming back.

    The one thing I didn't do my homework on was maintaining the board, excitement got the better of me 3 years ago.

    Live and learn I suppose, but if things don't change, unfortunately I'll be looking for a PEV that I can maintain, as there're are a lot of tempting options on the market these days.

    Sadly, that day appears to be rapidly approaching, and if/when it arrives for me, it will be the last dollar and recommendation FM ever receives on my end.

    I put up with it from Apple as I can find refurbished parts fairly easily. I have an 8 year old MacBook Air that does everything I need year after year - but then again, I'm not running it into curbs at 20 mph either.

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