Power button stuck? Try compressed air

  • After a session on muddy trails, I tried to turn the power button off (click in/out) and it was stuck. Yeah, I know, I should have put tape over the port before riding in wet conditions but I didn't. So after playing with it for a while (and dreading the loss of my OW for several weeks of support), I tried compressed air blown around the edges....worked like a charm. It blew out some mud that had worked its way into the button.

    Happy to be back out and riding and want to pass this on to anyone who gets stuck in the future.

    @FM since everyone who has ridden a OW off road (trails, beach, etc) LOVES riding off road, consider adding 2 port covers (power and charging) to your design. And while I am at it, thanks for building a great product!

  • I bought one of these for my charging port and it works great: http://bit.ly/1OpEP3g

    Wonder if there's anything that would fit over the power button?

  • @thegreck Great idea, great find and thanks for the link. That is a well spent $0.67. Not sure about ideas for the power button. For now, I am using duct tape until the rains stop.

  • @ted Someone posted it in the forums about a month ago, and I bought one before my OneWheel even arrived. Can't believe they don't even charge for shipping on something that costs less than a dollar!

  • @thegreck Agreed! This find is a gem. Maybe we should start a separate string of "Good Ideas".

    I would add to the list: resist the temptation to move your front foot (on the 2 blue power sensors) while riding. It is mostly not a problem until it is.

  • @ted This is a great thread if you haven't seen it already:

  • just thinking to buy one... if you have it fully charged... how long can you ride it? and I am in Europe and will be able to be in California in April... after your experiences would you buy one again?
    thanks ! frank

  • @rexmankramer Depending on your body weight, you should be able to ride for 5-7 miles on a full charge.

    Would I buy one again? Yes. Without hesitation. Riding on roads is fun but riding off-road is crazy fun.

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