Howdy, I'm new! Goal: Exercising the horses using my XR

  • Great post; I'm a new rider in my 50s too, and appreciated a lot of what you wrote. I haven't done much on dirt/grass yet, almost all pavement for me so far. Still learning the feel of the board, but found that all the basic skateboarding I did as a kid combined with the tiny bit of surfing is coming back to me. Nice to see a peer having similar experiences; thanks for sharing.

  • @LidPhones , heh-heh-heh. Sure!
    There are bad ways to fall and "better" ways to manage an unscheduled dismount. In one of my "better" falls I pulled off a graceful spiral around the horse's neck and landed on my feet at his shoulder. So cool ... amazingly athletic. But that, of course, was many years ago ...

    @Adam-S , so cool! Thanks for sharing your story and the encouragement!
    As for the horse passing the handler (me) ... one of my horses is used to doing traveling circles on a long line. We haven't yet reached that point with the OW ... but she is asking. Gladly, each my horses accept a tiny wiggle on the lead as signal to slow down and return to my requested position. (So thankful for Natural Horsemanship. What a blessing to have clear, quiet communication and relationship with these critters.)

    @petec8787, Welcome to the Community! :)
    I've found that riding every day ... even if just to earn my daily streak (min 1-mile) ... has helped greatly. I am gaining confidence over new terrains both mentally and physically. My husband and I now take the boards out together on most weekends ... somewhere, anywhere, just to sneak in a ride together. I love it.
    Again, welcome! Glad you are here!

  • Apparently I'm late to the party! Land Rover, it seems, has already put it all together: Music Festival, OW + horses, cars, outdoor sports and more at Coachella Valley, California.
    Story link:

    Video highlight of OW + Horses:

  • Wall of Stoke update!!

    Short Version:
    I hit another first: I made it to my horse trailer this morning riding Goofy! Ta-Da!!!

    Longer Version:
    I've long been aware that riding in one direction/foot-pattern was doing unpleasant things for my neck, shoulders, hips and knees. My Chiropractor has nudged me on occasion while straightening my neck (ouch!) to work both sides. Yep, I know.

    So I've tried, now and again, to ride switch (simply turn my head and body and start riding the other direction) or goofy (mounting the board with my right foot forward). Oh, my. Not so good. Not good at all.

    This week I upgraded my Apple Watch (from Gen 4 to Gen 6) and received a 6-month trial to Apple Fitness+. Fun! I've been enjoying both Strength Training and Yoga sessions where each always balances both sides. Yes!

    So, yesterday I tried riding switch again. Ohhhhhh ... baby steps ... but I feel improvement. I'm not nearly as wobbly. I began to feel some comfort. Ohhhh, aaaaaah.

    Today: I committed to riding from the house to the horse trailer located out back with the horses. I did have to pause twice to "take it back" (return to normal riding direction w/out getting off the board ... a form of "reset") ... but I made it! It was slow, it wasn't pretty ... but I made it!

    It brought me back to one of my earliest accomplishments with my board: simply riding it to the horse trailer (step 1) and then the magic day that I finally felt a flow when making the then-perilous-journey. Here I am again, at step 1, now riding with the opposite stance.

    I'm making progress! Yeah!! :)

  • Hit the 500 mile mark on July 5th! :)
    I'm feeling quite confident zipping around our horse property and am loving my XR!

  • @HorsePlay Congrats :) Glad to hear you're getting more confident.

  • @HorsePlay Congrats. We are close to being mileage twins. I hit the 500 mile mark on my XR on July 6th.

  • @HanahsDax said in Howdy, I'm new! Goal: Exercising the horses using my XR:

    @HorsePlay Congrats. We are close to being mileage twins. I hit the 500 mile mark on my XR on July 6th.

    Umm ... is the XR in question a new board for you? (Is this a replacement after the Error 16?)

  • @HorsePlay Yes, a couple people convinced me to just get a new XR. If the 4206 with the E16 and the 4209 with the E21 are able to be repaired I’ll consider them a bonus.

  • @HanahsDax , Congratulations! May you and the XR have many (thousands) of happy miles ahead!

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