Fan/hissing sound from board at very low battery

  • Hello! I have on occasion unintentionally ridden the battery on my Pint down to 4% charge and even less. And a few of those times I have noticed when I go to shut the board off, that it sounds like a fan is running inside the board. The sound is almost hissing-like. I have an audio recording and can upload an mp3 if there is a way to do that here. Anyway, the fan/hissing sound seems to continue until I shut the board off. When I turn the board back on, even if it is just seconds later, the sound does not resume (thankfully). Does anyone know what is causing the sound?

  • @pintRider My XR and Pint have on occasion also made a "hissing" noise, not particularly loud but enough that you can hear it if close enough.

    I imagine the hissing itself is the power dissipating out of the motor. When on the motor is engaged a little which will create a magnetic field. When off the field collapses and the energy will dissipate back through the motor coils and to wherever the current can flow. Nothing out of the ordinary if this is indeed the source of the noise.

    That said I'm curious anyway about this noise just in case. Recording a video and uploading it to youtube would probably be your best bet, then linking us the video?

  • I uploaded the audio of the fan/hissing sound to YouTube:

    As I wrote on YouTube, the encoding process seems to have lowered the volume in the recording, so you may have to turn your speaker up to hear the sound.

  • @pintRider Can hear the hissing, it doesn't sound particularly bad considering the circumstances it shows up with. This sound doesn't show up at higher charges at all?

    Curious if other Pint riders on here can confirm a similar experience as I'm assuming it's normal. Mine is in pieces at the moment so can't do much to verify.

  • Thank you, Lia. For me, the sound only appears after I have been riding the board to the point where the battery has been depleted to 4% charge or less. And even then, it doesn't appear every time that I drain the battery that much.

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