How do you take care of wood on the footpads?

  • I finally got my OneWheel and it's great. It only took me 1h to get comfortable on it. The only issue I have is with the "built like a tank" claim. I haven't crashed my board yet but after just 1 week of riding the wooden on my footpads is already scoffed up and looks like I've been riding this board for a year. (See attached picture) I think the wheel plows pebbles from the road and deposits them on the pads- where they scratch the wood as I step on them. I did install a fender on the wheel but how do I fix all the scratches on the wood? The protective coating along the perimeter of the footpads also appears to have come off so if water gets in there it will probably start to rot the wood from the edges. This seems like a lot of beating for just riding through the streets of Seattle for a week (<50 mi).

    What is a proper way to take care of the wooden parts to keep them looking new? Do you guys periodically apply any wood varnish to your foot pads?


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