Can we combine the front footpad sensors to act as one big sensor?

  • If you always use Quickstop to stop (, is there any need to have two sensors in the front footpad? If not, is there a way to configure the front footpad so that, no matter how slow you are going, you only need to have pressure on one of the sensors to keep the motor engaged? I am asking because I often warm up at the start of my rides by riding tight heel-side and toe-side circles around a manhole cover. And so I have to make a concerted effort to keep my front foot flat on the footpad so that the board doesn't disengage while I am leaning to the inside of the turn (i.e. over the manhole cover). I also do sharp turns post-warmup. And I am in the habit of keeping my front foot flat on the footpad for all turns so that I don't have to think about whether my velocity (or lack thereof) warrants it. I am also in the habit of riding both regular and goofy in the same ride (trying to stay symmetric) which means that the foot that I am trying to keep flat on the board changes mid-ride every day that I ride. So you can see why I would prefer to have just one big sensor up front.

  • @pintRider ... for redundancy/safety.

  • Hello NotSure! Can you elaborate? At low enough speeds, I'm not sure if redundancy applies since you have to cover both pads and uncovering either one causes the board to disengage. And when riding at speed, if you only have one sensor engaged (which can be done since only one sensor needs to be covered when riding at speed), AND if that sensor fails, the other sensor still isn't covered and won't save you from the board shutting down in that instant.

  • @pintRider i could but i don't rep for FM. May want to contact them directly for a definitive answer.

    Pressure sensors can break. if you only had one then it would be a single point of failure. if it doesn't disengage it ghost rides, if it does disengage, you nosedive.

    Sensor 1 and sensor 2 case analysis: off/off, on/on, on/off, off/on. The latter two govern those particular edge cases.

    Perhaps someone more authoritative could answer this question for you better.

  • Not an authority on this but had enough experience with the footpads to give an insight. I don't work for FM so these are my observations from both riding and working at a component level on these boards. Apologies in advance for the wall of text if this becomes one.

    The 2 pads are important for 2 main reasons.

    • The safety of having a second pad active if the other dies while riding at speed.
    • For giving the user a way to tell the board your intentions while trying to ride and dismount.

    @pintRider The edge case of one pad failing and the other pad being momentarily disengaged at speed is a legitimate concern. There is the other edge case of the ground pin for the footpad failing, in which case irregardless of both pads being engaged the sensors cannot complete their circuits and would disengage at any speed. I'd argue with 2 pads the likelihood of suffering injury from a failure is less likely with 2 pads vs 1 due to the inherit redundancy.

    These edge cases could only be alleviated by adding staggered sensors grouped by left and right up either side of the pads. If one set of staggered pads dies the others are still active on the same side. The ground pin should also be interdependently wired for both sides of the pad so that the failing of one won't stop the other working.

    To answer the original question It is possible to do a minor electrical mod to the board so that either pad activates both; in turn making the footpad act as one big sensor however I don't feel comfortable sharing instructions on how you would do it.

    @NotSure makes the point these can break and is correct.
    I've actually had my footpads internal connections break while riding on bumpy terrain at speed which if I had a single sensor I may not be here typing this. It didn't hit home how fortunate I was regarding what failed till much later after I fixed it :( I have since modded my board so the issue should never re-occur.

  • The ideal solution for @NotSure above would be that if the board were in "slow mode" (under 1 mph or whatever that limit is) along with simple stop turned on, then either pad would allow the board to continue operating. In this mode, higher speeds would not be affected, keeping the high speed nosedive protection intact. It could also be a sub option under simple stop so it could be set separately if desired.

    That said, this would require @Future-Motion to make a software change in the app and on the board, which I wouldn't hold my breath for as the only changes they seem to make are to the leader board features. I (and MANY others) have been asking for a configurable speed notification for YEARS, but such things don't get their attention (I've even suggested this on the phone with them, only to be told they would suggest it to the devs). It also assumes that @Future-Motion even looks at this board (which we all know they don't).

    I agree with most responders above that making a wiring change to affect this would be a dangerous mistake, but then that's just IMO, as I have no need for such a feature. :)

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