Foot sensors deactivates while it says i was going 25mph???

  • I was riding home from the store today when my board looses all power and boom right away the front part of the board touches the ground and for a moment I was riding it like that until I wasn't and ended up skidding down the pavement giving me super bad road rash!!!!! This isn't the 1st time I've had this issue but it was the fastest. Now thats the 2nd issue, I don't even understand how it says I was going 25mph when I thought the board couldn't even go that fast!! So how does the sensor deactivate, not even give me one of those warning sounds before, and mind you since it wasn't the 1st incident I'm always concise of my feet being on both sensors. So can anyone help me and explain why this keeps happening because the onewheel is my absolute favourite toy I have and I have 2 because I love it so much but man I can't keep taking spills like that one so I need to know what's up because it's a definite safety issue. I included a screenshot of the speed it said i was going. ! SmartSelect_20210223-143054_My Files.jpg

  • @bgood420 There are TONS of posts about nosedives happening for various reasons. If you truly are going anywhere near or over 20 mph, you are courting disaster. The max speed is dependent on a lot of factors including rider weight, battery charge level, incline, etc. A few years back, I saw a youtube video of kid (I think he was 90 lbs) breaking 30 mph on an XR! Anyway, there is no warning of a nosedive, except pushback (look it up or read the card that came with the board). For me, I can't feel it at those speeds. I (as well as a TON of other people) have been asking for an update to the app that will do a notification (sound and vibrate) at a user set speed, but alas, @Future-Motion insists on adding social features, like leaderboard updates and such, instead of this one highly requested safety feature.

    Anyway, as a long time rider and one who hasn't crashed since the 600 mile mark (doing 21 mph and, like you, road rash everywhere), my solution was to get a smart watch (Wear OS or Apple) and run the OneWheel app on the watch. This way, I can tell my battery level and speed at a glance. Since my crash I am now coming up on 7000 OW miles and I keep my speed at or below 17 mph. This is plenty fast for me and for my weight of 175, the board never fails me.

    Stay safe!

  • @bgood420 it's not clear cut if the board deactivated due to both sensors not detecting or deactivated due to the BMS shutting off power. The sensor alarm may have occurred minutes before the nosedive.

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