Bindings /foot grips ??

  • @thegreck yes , I don't mean something that will really lock you in so you can't get out just some kinda hooks or anything that could help with a little jumping maybe . It was just a thought ...


    I think freeboard bindings might be a solid option. Once I'm comfortable riding my OW I'll try these out and see if they improve the ride at all. Foot straps and board sports usually work out pretty well though.

  • @No ah stupid me. I just sold my freebord. could've tried those bindings. I think they might work really nicely although you'd have to drill them into the wood. only problem I see is if you have no fender and are required to dismount quickly in case of loss of control :) that might be quite dangerous..

  • @mranderson

    I highly recommend not doing this. My experience with the board is 90% of the time you get thrown it catches you by surprise, if my feet were locked down I would have quite a bit more bruises. Being able to instantly run it out is extremely important.

    Jumping on the board would maybe be possible, though it is quite heavy. It rides over a whole lot of surfces and anything to big for the wheel would be too high to jump.

  • I was thinking about making a half would work for your front foot but the rear wouldn't be safe..

  • I think a handle on the top of the fender is a better jumping solution. You would have to crouch a bit but could be kinda cool if you styled it. It might also be good more for drops than jumping. I'm really unsure that the onewheel will ever be huckable. I hope I'm wrong!

  • Electromagnetic couplers that mated with some super sick future motion shoes and would autodisengage during SHF!

  • I really like being able to move my feet around on the deck though. That's what makes onewheel sk8ty and snowboardy simultaneously. It's kinda like snowskating which is what I'm doing tomorrow to simulate my onewheeling addiction we are about to get 12"-16" tonight. Kinda rare here in WNC.

  • This post is deleted!

  • message the guys over at hover hooligans they but bindings on a board but its not recomended

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