How cold is too cold ?

  • hi guys !
    i just received my onewheel yesterday :) so i'm finally a proud owner of this awesomeness hahaha :+1:
    first of all, i'm really sorry should someone already have started a thread about that topic. but since i live in switzerland, where it's currently pretty "cool" (around -10 degrees), i was wondering, how cold might be too cold to run the onewheel outside ? i've been searching the forum threads but haven't found any information about it at all. i is just stated in the user manual, that usage of the onewheel in “extreme” weather conditions might void the warranty of the device (or something along these lines).
    any thoughts on it? @Future-Motion

  • I dont know how cold it is for you to not ride, but the battery would drain pretty fast if its really cold outside. I live in Norway and its pretty cold here too and when I ride the OW it can't go as far as it would when its hot outside

  • @simenlier alright... well i can stay outside without any problem in these temperatures. but do you know if it has a lasting negative impact on the battery life?

  • I would think it could have a impact on the battery, but I'm no expert so dont take my words for it

  • I'm not sure about the long term consequences, but riding at 0°C, I noticed the batterie doesn't last as long as usual...

  • @simenlier mhm... well, i hope somebody got the answer for us ;-) would be pretty helpful to know since "extreme conditions" is very vague.

    @Polle is it significantly shorter than usual?

  • It's been freezing here in Miami the last few days (about 65F degrees), but I didn't notice a battery life difference :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • @Polle maybe that since the begining you ride better,faster,higher and carving more too.. I joke:grimacing: cold weather,hot rider :smirk:

  • I don't think that the battery takes any permanent damage from riding out in the cold. I mean I've heard about not storing batteries in the cold, but then we are talking storage, not a 30 minute ride.

    Have been riding in -15ºC, and it works fine. But yeah, range is obviously a problem. And I wouldn't recommend starting to ride when the board is already cooled down to that temperature.

  • @forzabucks I should be getting mine tomorrow, and I'm afraid it's gonna be too cold here in Texas (about 60 degrees) to ride it 😄

  • Check the tire pressure, that may explain the faster drain. I don't ride below 32 degrees cuz I'm a wuss.. Lol.. Wearing a full face helmet makes a huge difference, just bundle up but watch out for ice and the shoes you wear..

  • @Incog @forzabucks I don't know how you guys deal with that kind of cold! I live in LA and don't even leave the house if it dips below 70º! Haha.

  • @thegreck My OW is supposed to arrive tomorrow here.. in KS...where its in the 20s.. where's the dedication? lol

  • @OnewheelinWest Haha... I was only kidding. I was out on my OW on the coldest day of the year! ( 55º )

  • If its 60 degrees or below I'm staying in. Lol... Won't hurt the board though... I wouldn't worry about it.

  • @forzabucks I can't believe you just said that 65 Degrees F is freezing! Here in San Francisco, we hope for 65F!

  • @chunibuni I was being tongue-in-cheek. I'm a transplant from the north, and it cracks me up seeing all the people walking around South Beach in down jackets anytime it dips below 70.

  • I don't have a scientific answer either but it's been my impression that if you keep the board in a warm place and ride it in the cold that it should be okay as long as you bring it back to warmth when done riding. I'd also like to hear an official answer on this.

    I started keeping my board inside here in WI when it got cold.
    Even when I recently took my family on a road trip, I waited to pack the car until we were ready to leave because I didn't want my board sitting packed in the cold all night.

    Also I think airline baggage storage can be freezing. I know air travel with ow has other questions but might the board sitting in freezing cold temps for several hours have a negative impact?

  • @Franky I left my one wheel in my truck one night when it was in the teens. It wouldn't fire up and threw 6 or 7 blink code I cant remember. Once I brought it inside and warmed it up it was good to go. For this reason I have been concerned about cold weather riding where you might turn the onewheel off and it might not fire back up.

  • @Franky these things are shipped to cold places in cold trucks and plains, I wouldn't worry about it.

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