How cold is too cold ?

  • @ashewheeler haha seems stupid but i honestly never thought about it that way.. you're probably right that it wouldn't cause any lasting damage. still i'd like to have an official answer. probably going to email the support and then get back to you folks asap !

  • guys, i got an official answer via email:

    "We have ridden our boards in Aspen with a lot of success. The main issue with the cold is actually the damaging the tire. The key to riding in cold temperatures without damaging your board is to follow the guidelines below:

    1. When not riding your board make sure it is being stored inside or in a warmer temperature to avoid damage to the tire. While running the tire is heated up and will not be affected but if left off in the cold it will no longer be able to keep itself from freezing. Do not leave your board outside in the cold!

    2. Always wear a helmet and protective gear - snow/slush/cold terrain is extra slippery.

    3. Pact snow or thin amounts of snow will offer better ride quality. Unpacked snow won't be able to support the weight of the rider and board and ice won’t give you enough traction.

    If these guidelines aren't followed damage to your tire, motor, and yourself can occur. We will also not be able to cover any damage from riding in freezing temperatures under warranty.

    As long as you limit your riding time in the cold and store your board inside you should be fine. We are uncomfortable putting any number on the idea of 'too cold' but generally recommend staying away from sub-freezing temperatures."

  • I got my board back recently and did some extensive riding in the back yard on snow in temps in mid 30s to low 40s. Riding on snow and especially ice is a real challenge because the tire easily spins and when that happens you need to be ready to balance back to until you gain traction and hopefully with momentum you can keep going. It's really tough but we had a sick child last weekend and nothing else to do so I kept plugging away at it. The first challenge was was packing down a path as riding on packed snow was a lot easier. I did that for a while but some deeper spots were still giving me issues that I could not ride through. After a long while I got out my snowblower which seemed like a good idea except that below the snow was a layer of ice that became the path. The ice was a nice harder surface but the tire would spin even easier and it was even harder to ride. In all of this I had my best riding going down an incline to which I had to constantly walk back up. Thankfully my new charge port plug did a great job keeping all moisture and crud out.

    While tooling around the board was working perfectly. However twice I decided to go for longer rides on the road. I got low battery pushback the first ride while the app said I had 30% battery. I rebooted the board and road home as I was pretty close. The second ride I got low battery pushback at 10%. After rebooting I didn't get much farther before getting low battery pushback again and I had to walk home. I'm hoping this is just being caused by the near 40s temps and not a problem with my board. When not outside I store in my warm basement.

  • @Franky from what i've experienced it's the same thing here. whilst we do not have snow at all (some bad winter this is..), the temperatures always stay around -8 (riding nighttime) and +5 degrees centigrade. the battery drains pretty quick (just been on a 20 minute ride but riding steep hills) and i often get a low battery pushback at around 30% battery level. however, after rebooting the board everything works fine. i wonder how far i can get with this beast once we hit the mild 25 degrees centigrade here..