Is your Pint footpad sensor "faulty" consistently?

  • Hey folks. Wondering if other Pint (curious about XR too though) owners have this same issue. It seems like even the tiniest bit of dirt (almost invisible to the eye) causes my footpad sensor to misbehave and disengage even though I have my foot covering the entire footpad.

    I would expect the sensor to be a bit more sensitive given that sometimes I do want to make a sharp turn in slow speeds without the sensor disengaging - the tiny bit of dirt seems to be the culprit that causes this sort of problem. It stops detecting my whole foot on the sensor due to the slightest deweight of toe/heel.

    FutureMotion has sent me 2 footpad replacements. When brand new they work flawlessly but after a few kilometers on it starts happening all over again. And to be clear: I do keep them clean as much as I can, with a grip tape eraser.

    Curious if there are any tips and your experiences on this.

  • @Firehalk I've ridden almost 7000 miles on my old plus and my XR (over 5k) combined and have never had this issue. I did find that the type of shoes I wear "can" affect the sensors a bit, but nothing as sensitive as you're describing. I can't say what shoes will work for a given person/board combo, but both my Nike Max Airs and my Van's Mid Tops work pretty much flawlessly. I had some Nike board shoes that were a bit flaky on the sensors, but nothing like what you describe. I don't do much off roading, maybe 10%, but I don't know that I've ever had to clean my footpads ever, lol.

    Hopefully others can chime in with some ideas for you to try.

  • @Firehalk I've not had issues with my pads on the XR. Mine are pretty beaten up and caked in dirt so it's a bit odd yours seems to misbehave especially after 2 replacements.

    Like @OneDan suggests it may be footwear. Some users report their pads acting weird depending on shoe type.
    In some cases I've seen people put small felt circles on their footpad to help increase the pressure placed in one spot on each side.
    front sensor pad

  • @Firehalk ,

    I had similar experiences with my XR for the first ~100 miles.

    • Board would shut down spontaneously when moving in slow speeds, forward/backward
    • Board would frequently fail to engage on mounting
    • Board throws error message while riding: "Foot pad sensor: You have been off one footpad for more than 10 sec. while riding 5.5 MPH - please be careful not to deactivate the footpads while riding!"

    I'm still fairly new to my OW (~160 miles total) but I'm mostly beyond these issues as I've gained experience. Things I've done:

    • Changed my footwear! As mentioned above, footwear makes a big difference. I ended up switching to riding mostly with Vans skate shoes. This solved my first two bullet points.
    • Keep riding! Keep riding! Keep riding! It took a long while to "find my feet," keep them loose (not frozen like rocks or gripping the board with my toes), bounce on the board some, gain confidence to move my feet (adjust position) while riding, loosen my ankles, etc.
    • The Sensor Error message appeared while practicing heel side turns. Seems I'm de-weighting my foot while riding! Oh, my. Gladly, the board has NOT shut down ... it simply throws the error message. To remedy: I'm working to be more aware of my feet, weight balance, etc.

    The "keep riding" is huge! (At least, it has been for me. I'm continually surprised how things that really troubled me at first are now "dialed in, no problem." Keep riding, keep learning!)

    Best wishes and Good luck!

  • Thanks folks. I'm actually a fairly experienced rider with 700 miles on my board and I do wear skate shoes (Vans) when riding, so I would think that's not the issue.
    I actually forgot to mention on my original post that the issue is only on heel turns, when I deweight my toes. I can't imagine doing a sharp heel turn without deweighting them like I do right now though.

    My stance is pretty much what you see on the Onewheel marketing material for the front foot but I have smaller feet than that (I wear 9 - so maybe that's it?): alt text

    I liked the tip about the felt circles, I will try something like that too.

  • FM released an entire video today on the Footpad Sensor. I'm guessing they've been fielding at least a few trouble tickets on this topic lately ...

    Video Title: Onewheel: How to Engage The Front Footpad

  • i got a posi sensor for my xr, cause i was sick of it disengaging while doing 180s and jumps with the flight fins. not sure if they have it for the pint though unfortunately. but i love my switch, and i just have it permanently in the ON position.

  • i actually put felt furniture STRIPS on my Pint, one line each side from near the hub towards the nose, and i basically never have sensor trouble any more, so i can say that from my experience they work. i also wear a size 8.5 US, so pretty similar size shoe.

  • I've had lots of problems with the sensor on my Pint, including the foot pad sensor errors. This was the case even when wearing Vans waffle soles.

    I used the same hack that a lot of people have used - adding sticky velcro circles over the grip tape. That seemed to fix the issue, although I've not ridden it that much as I mainly ride my XR.

  • This is how I did it when I had problems with my shoes and the sensor not activating. I used small foam feets for furniture to create pressure points.
    More can be found here if you want
    How to fix Onewheel sensor problem



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