My board stopped suddenly at 32% and threw me off

  • Hi everyone, this post is basically documentation of my board malfunctioning. March 10, 2021 I was out riding when I received a notification from the app telling me the battery was at 50%. So I head back. On my way back I was traveling around 7-10 mph when all of a sudden the board motor froze and I went flying from the board. I sprained my knee and now I can hardly walk.

    I emailed One Wheel about this and sent them the diagnostics. They tell me to ship it back and if they cannot find anything wrong with it I pay for the shipping. I have the One Wheel XR. I paid $2200 for this thing. I did not send it to them because frankly it hurts to walk right now.

    Really I just want my money back. In all seriousness the concept of the One Wheel is awesome but the reality of the board is that they have not worked all the bugs out. Please contact me if you are thinking of taking more action if you have experienced the same thing.![alt text](![image url](![image url](![image url](7CB37756-15AC-4021-AF8A-7D9B829848AD.jpeg 3DB38512-914C-4C36-BD68-A0561A240ADC.png image url))))

  • @DarStellabotta -- No question these can be dangerous. Falls usually come about from pushing the limits -- happened to me today. Wear protective gear! Take time to learn the board, and to learn about yourself, too. Take it easy, take it slow. Take care of yourself and heal well!

  • @DarStellabotta,

    OUCH! I hope you heal quickly. I must say, that is a grim photo you chose for the recorded ride. I don't think I would have ever thought of using a shot in that way ... but does make this ride forever memorable, doesn't it?

    Again, heal up in a speedy way!

  • @DarStellabotta said in My board stopped suddenly at 32% and threw me off:

    Really I just want my money back.

    Lol... Give it a couple weeks and wear some pads next time. A heavy alpine stance can help in the event you need to run it out. I find inclines to be most deceptive. I always wanna just lean forward and fly up them but there are limits to how much power the board can generate.

  • Looks a lot like the scrapes I got near 2 years back albeit totally my fault. Unmarked speed bump while I was cruising at 15mph caught me off guard. Bonked right up off the board and slid across the bumpy road surface. Had scrapes like that on my knee, hip, palm and all up the forearm.

    Hope you heal up soon, those sprains take a fair bit to recover from especially when it's a joint.