Wrecked at 0 Miles.

  • New board, New rider. Board showed up on Easter Sunday and I was all too excited to ride. With all the awkward enthusiasm a 25 yo can muster I put my accessories on and charged it. Got it set up and went for a simple balance test, but the board was ready to go.

    I get going, a bit shaky, but full of joy. I should've heeded the wobbly warnings the board was trying to tell me. I was not ready.

    I get the board a few houses down, shaking like mad. Preform a turn with all the grace of a toddler taking their first steps, and it's successful (kinda). Then disaster struck... as I was heading back to my house, I leaned forward too much and sent the board up to a staggering 12.5 mph (I know, speed demon). A wobble occurs and the next thing I know is my face is an inch from the ground and my foot went the wrong way around.

    So here I sit, sad and with massively limited mobility, all because of arrogance. My foot looks like a sausage, and I limp like a zombie to do anything.

    Boy, oh boy, do I wish I had actually taken the time to learn how to use this thing.

  • Sorry to hear that. I got mine for a month now and smile everyday with it.
    At the beginning, you must not try to speed, I did first 10kms doing short turns, learning to move just a bit pelvis for go/stop and shoulders to turn, to get comfortable with this new toy. Get some visual landmark on the road and do some 8 in 3 or 4 meters spaces with turns backside/frontside, right/left foot. All is about taming this thing. Then start with a bit of offroad. And avoid roads with cars and such. Remember when you learned bike ?


  • Damn man sorry that happened. Recover soon and give it another shot on some nice open grassy area.

  • @Zocchi , so sorry to hear of your injury!

    Do heal up and give it another try. While you are recovering, watch some YouTube videos of others riding or teaching. Some of my favorites, for good coaching, include:

    When watching trail videos (my personal favorites), I often turn off all audio and concentrate on the rider's bio-mechanics: stance/foot position, use of hips/shoulders, balance techniques, relative height over the board, de-weighting techniques, etc. While watching, I ask myself: "Can I feel in my body what that looks like it feels like?

    Best to you as you recover and welcome to the Community!

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  • Ouch! So sorry!

  • @Zocchi said in Wrecked at 0 Miles.:

    Boy, oh boy, do I wish I had actually taken the time to learn how to use this thing.

    Count on just slowly putting around for the first 40 miles at a minimum. Short progress can be very misleading.

    I started out on the front lawn just doing lazy laps and figure eights. Your feet are basically useless blocks of meat for the first ten miles imo. At first, you may have very little stamina and the sensations are meaningless, which is a recipe for falling. After a while you become way more comfortable just standing on the board let alone interpreting the sensations your feet are telling you. You may even be able to carve on the flats ok, but an uneven road surface will substantially alter the sensation, and there is a surprising amount of that type of situational experience to acquire while riding these things.

    Hard heel-side turns require a degree of trust in the board as well as a strong sense of balance (you're basically performing your own trust fall). I was legit intimidated by it for the first 20 miles and I'm a well-seasoned snowboarder. A complete novice would be smart to just take it REALLY slow. Wear all the gear. Never stop wearing a helmet imo.

    After you master the lawn, driveway or parking lot, then try a road or sidewalk. Traversing inclines can be kinda trippy. Just my two cents on the subject.

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