A few wishes from new rider

  • Hi there!

    First, I'm very new to OneWheel, about a month and 350kms on a Pint. This baby is just amazing, so natural to ride, a pure smile maker !! Skateboard never grab me, bike is boring (a bit old for freestyle), but OW is just pure fun, like surf/kite :-)

    The first thing I did was disable slim stop so I can ride both sides, thanks for this option ! I ride 50/50 left/right foot and often do 180 transitions, pure freedom.

    Anyway, a few suggestions that I would love for a better experience:

    iOS app:

    • When going back to stored rides, there is no way to zoom on the map. With long distances ride, if we want to see precisely where something happend (max speed, etc) we just ... can't.
    • A landscape mode for reading stored rides, at least with zoomable full screen map, and data curves.
    • A custom riding mode for Pint, like on XR app.

    Web portal:

    • A web portal to see, edit, share, review our rides could also be a big plus. On desktop PC with big screen we could study data curves, map, edit etc.
    • A way to export gps data as gpx, to load it in other applications (relive etc).

    Oh, and not providing a cap for the board plug at that board price is somewhat... mean isn't it ?

    Of course comes to mind a full spare parts shop for repair-ability, support center in Europe to avoid transit cost/time, pushback speed/strengh setting in app, etc

    Anyway, a fantastic toy to play with, congrats to everyone involved !!

  • @kiboost A landscape mode for the app sounds interesting, definitely more gamer.

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