Went splat, not sure why

  • So, I'm a new rider, am a little embarrassed to ask this, but need some input from more experienced riders.

    I got my Onewheel a couple weeks ago and have been putting around my neighborhood learning the feel of the board, turning, maneuvering, etc. Prior to riding, watched many videos and then once I began riding, spent time working on controlling & changing speed, slowing down, stopping, dismounting, etc.

    Logged 30 mi so far; it's felt very natural. All streets & sidewalks so far. Max speed at any point has been 15mph, avg speed 11 mph. Very few hills.

    Yesterday, wrapping up a short ride, traveling down a flat stretch of street I've been down many times before; board suddenly goes into a hard wobble. Very quickly things proceed like this: wobble begins, I think to ride it out & correct, wobble worsens, I go down.

    Road rash and bumps notwithstanding, my real issue & question for the group is trying to figure out how/why this happened? The road surface in that spot is a little wavy, but nowhere near as rough/uneven as other patches of streets I navigated with no problem earlier in the ride, or on many rides.

    I am aware of the pushback function and have been looking out for it since I started riding--and avoiding doing the things that cause pushback--and I don't think I had pushback yesterday.

    After the splat, I got back on & rode home, board behaved normally--and I plan to continue riding. I just want to learn what I did wrong so that I can avoid this in the future. The wreck just doesn't seem to fit any of the criteria of stuff I've read about/seen riders do wrong.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • @petec8787 Check your air pressure, generally 1 psi per 10 lbs of your riding weight. Also your leg and ankle strength for Onewheeling is probably not developed enough yet. Keep at it and it will come.

  • @lemur Will do, thanks!

  • @petec8787 , Sorry to hear of the 'splat' and resulting road rash. Glad to read you were able to jump back on and continue the ride home.

    I have only ~260 miles on my board, so take my advise with a grain of salt. One particular video I found helpful when dealing with wobbles was Chris Richardson's Onewheel 101 topic: "Dodging the Bullet." It is only 7 minutes long. It introduces a deep squat recovery stance and several practical exercises for stretching and strengthening.

    Best wishes on learning and improving through a difficult moment. Heal quickly!

  • @HorsePlay i'll second this. like @lemur, my first thought was tire pressure, but Chris Richardson knows what he's talking about. such a good video!

  • @HorsePlay Thanks, I'll check it out.

  • @Franko Thanks Franko.

  • @HorsePlay Thanks again, that Chris Richardson video was very helpful; what he outlines sounds a lot like what happened to me.

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