Warning about low battery riding!

  • Was riding to my car (yeah, walking IS overrated), when the board suddenly stopped working at high speed.
    Luckily, this ended like all my high-speed-dismounts; with me landing on my feet, and slight back-pain from strained muscles.
    What I did was: I had low batter on the board, so I was just going to ride it to my car, and then charge it at work.
    When I got to my car, I realized that I'd forgot my keys. So I went back to get my keys.
    When I got home, I turned the board off. A minute later I was on the board again.
    Less than 100 meters/yards later, in slight elevation, the board just died on me. Never did I get the "low battery" warning.

    Now, I hope this isn't a big error in the software, disabling the low battery push-back.
    The probable cause is me power-cycling the board with battery left for only 80 meters.
    As I know from experience you can remove the low-battery push-back warning by power-cycling (very dangerous).

    I'm guessing I had the worst kind of timing ever, but just think about it and try not to do the same mistake.

  • YEP! I had a similar thing happen to me. I got low on battery and the thing just started push backing me. I wasn't aware that it was a low battery issue (lost track of time) and I just kept riding. The thing stopped instantly on me and stubbed my toe when it ended in one of those high speed-dismounts...Big toe hit the front of my f-ing shoe. Anyway, not the same thing but I noted at that point to never again ride to no battery life.

  • The first time I switched to Extreme and just kept zooming back and forth in front of my house getting used to it, I ran the battery down to 3% and never noticed a thing. Luckily I just happened to check the app in time. If there was some push back, I was just confusing it with hitting max speed or missed it entirely. I wish there was an audible notificaiton on my phone or something more alarming.

  • @veryous Well I don't have the app, but I've only hit the emergency push-back twice. Both times in the old firmware though.
    And if you haven't felt it yet, believe me when I say it's hard to miss.
    The board will tilt up to the point that if you try to ride on flat terrain, the back of the board will drag on the ground. Pretty much can't ride it at that point.
    I know that power-cycling resets the warning (at least it did), so that you can keep riding. Doing so however means it might just throw you off with no warning in a few seconds, unless you are lucky and get another one.
    This time I got none however, I don't know if the software missed on battery percentage or something, but it could've been bad.

  • Yeah I was literally accelerating to full speed, braking hard, turning a 180 and doing that until I killed it. I bet I just missed it being excited with the new speed and turning.

  • I've powered up after getting the low battery pushback and was able to ride only a short bit before it did the pushback again. Did this a couple times but I'm sure it's not good for the battery so I don't do it anymore. Never just shut down on me though.

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