Why is the One Wheel so good but the company so bad. Massive repair bill after 151 miles.

  • Hello,
    I live in Canada and bought a one wheel but in the mountains it can be interesting weather so I did not ride it much the first year. This super fun toy is over a year old but only has 151 miles on it and I just got a 600.00 cdn bill for a controller circuit board that blew up in Oct of last year. Clearly a defective part and they would not of course sell the part it has to go back.
    I cannot think of how embarrassed I would be to tell a customer that there is no warranty on the work that I paid 600 for and as such we do not stand behind our products. I see that hundreds of folks are struggling to get service and fair value. and hope that Future Motion starts to care about us and their product.
    Thanks for listening you can do better Future Motion!

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