Power up

  • XR first use after winter, when plugged in app shows 100% charged. Unplug it and it won’t power up or connect to app. I did leave it charging for an extended period while out of town.

  • @blackswan How long was it left on charge?
    Heard a few horror stories of some leaving it on charge for a few months and it totalled the cells from being stuck at full charge too long. (Source)

    Another possibility is it's one of the 4211 HW revisions which did have a power button issue. Some users had luck by holding the power button for about 4-5 seconds till the blue light comes on. (Source)

    Best bet would be to poke FM's support and see what they suggest if you get nowhere yourself. (FM's Support Page)

  • @Lia
    Thanks. It’s probably the first. I left it plugged in for a month while out of town.

  • @blackswan it's sad that FM isn't clearer about lithium battery care. They deliver the OW with a safe storage charge, so they understand the importance of lithium battery care, but they could do more to educate or even build in some smarts with the charger to drop the voltage to a safe storage voltage if the OW is left plugged in for an extended period of time.

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