The dreaded Error 16 code

  • @HanahsDax I think it's safe to say you've been an inspiration to us all and still will even without the streak. The streak is by far an impressive achievement, one to stay recognised for a long time however your presence in the community is something that will never disappear. Supportive, constructive and an all round gem of a character that I'm glad I can call a friend.

    The V1 streak will carry the torch for now. Who's to say you can't keep pushing the next riders on the board everyone least expects to outdo them ;)

    Keep us updated on your XR too, if you need to bounce any thoughts or findings off me I'm happy to continue assisting where possible.

  • @Lia Thanks for all your help and kindness. I wish international shipping costs weren’t so extreme or I would send the controller and spare battery pack to you to tinker with. I thought about sending it back to the mothership but they will probably just tell me I need a complete overhaul so it’s almost more cost effective to buy a new XR. I have a ton of spare parts I collected hoping I would be able to address any problem I encountered during the streak but I may put them up for sale and use the funds to help with new board cost. I think @blkwalnutgrwr wants a few.

  • @HanahsDax Agreed, international shipping bites :/

    If nobody more local could take a look maybe you could try just sending the controller and I'd use my battery for testing since everything else checked out. At least that way you get to keep the working brains and mileage if I get it working again.

  • @HanahsDax -- Yes, indeed, I could use a motor assembly and sensor footpad if those are parts you care to part with. The harness I only wanted to cut out all the little wires and use it as a direct EGO cable -- so if it is not damaged you are better off getting it to someone else who needs the whole thing. Email Paypal ready. Again though, sorry your board malfunctioned.
    Hmmm... On the other hand you could take my spare Plus controller and battery pack and turn your XR into a Plus if that is of any interest to you. (Edit: Actually my spare controller is 3206, not as desirable as 3208.)

  • @HanahsDax just curious, what hardware version is the record breaking board? 4207?

  • @stinkyface It was a 4206 ordered on 05/22/18 and was received 06/19/22. I remember checking the “Dude, where’s my board?” feature on the shipping info everyday. I ended up taking half a day off work the day it arrived and recorded my first ride which I titled Genesis and made up public on the ride section of the app. I used the board everyday expect for one which totaled to 1,038 days of use. Its ending mileage was at 6968 and I topped out at #49 for overall mileage the day it died.

    @Lia Thanks for the offer, I may take you up on that. My original idea was to make a tribute with the rails and PCBA sort of like the one you did for your Vega. To be honest I wanted to give the board a makeover several miles back but couldn’t cuz I loved the pic you created of me and wanted to keep it resembling the artwork piece.

    @blkwalnutgrwr I’ll post a pic of what I got. I actually have a plus controller I disassembled a while back and found a plus battery cell pack minus the casing, BMS and wiring harness so I could possibly create a plus with XR rails if the BMS in my original battery pack is able to accommodate a plus cell pack and is in decent working order. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • @HanahsDax A tribute would be cool, but I feel that board has so much more left to offer before it's retired. I bet we can get it working again :)
    The brain of it clearly works as it connects to the app and processes everything. All that's stopping it is the controller not seeing the thumbs up from the BMS. Might take a while but I'll reverse engineer a schematic from mine if I have to in order to find the loss in communication.

    Don't worry about changing the style, I'd be more than happy to do another once it's settled into it's new look. Will need some new vids for source material though so another reason to get you back on that XR ;)

  • @HanahsDax -- I concur with Lia, get your XR back in action!

    If you are building a Plus, I have a BMS/battery-pack/case/&harness you can have. I took it out of my Plus this spring and have been using EGO batteries exclusively to power my Plus (and my V1, too).

  • @blkwalnutgrwr you got first dibs on whatever part you want/need/desire.

  • @HanahsDax -- Nice collection. All I need is a motor -- the well used one would work fine or the hub with no tire (although that one looks brand new) -- and a sensor footpad, which I like looking beat-up since they get that way quick anyway, and yours looks new, although I would take it. Let's talk prices in email. I am excited, I have been looking for a suitable motor for almost a year now.

    Are you sure you want to disperse all those painstakingly collected Onewheel parts? My own collection of parts has not happened overnight, it has taken three years of watching, thinking, acting quickly, and gambling a little, too.

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