The dreaded Error 16 code

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    If I can’t get this sorted out by midnight tomorrow the XR streak is done and I may have some Onewheel parts for sale.

  • @HanahsDax -- Oh my!!! Pinched wire in the harness? Will the V1 harness work in the XR? Can you put the controller into a friend's XR temporarily?

  • @HanahsDax How handy are you with wiring?

    I imagine one of the communication wires has come loose or severed. I think those are the green, white and black on the smaller wires leading back and forth between controller and BMS.

    Check that hasn't popped out on the battery side. If it's in there snug remove it and try probing in diode mode between the white connector and corresponding pin on the larger automotive connector that goes to the controller housing. Assuming one of them has a severed connection you'll find which and should be able to run a bodge wire till you can figure out a better solution.

  • @HanahsDax -- In the highly unlikely event that you can't get the problem sorted out, I will buy the motor assembly, the controller-side half of the wiring harness (cut it off in the middle), and the front footpad/sensor. Although I would much rather see you continue your streak!

  • @Lia I have a spare battery pack; casing, BMS, wiring harness, a plug and play swap essentially I bought figuring the battery would be the first part to give me problems. It gives me the same EC 16 which makes me believe it’s something in the controller. Diagnostics shows accurate voltage for each battery but thinks either one I plug in is at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • @HanahsDax cold solder joint in the controller end of that connecting cable?

  • @stinkyface Looks like that might be the case if the fault is following the controller. I assumed with how chunky those connections were they’d be fine but I guess after extended thrashing those are susceptible too.

  • @HanahsDax , I have no input on the technical troubles ... but sure hope it sorts out quickly and surely. So glad for the tips and comments from this site's steady contributors and experts!

  • @HanahsDax Any luck so far? @stinkyface 's suggestion of re-soldering the pins on the large connector on the controller seems like a good bet since you've eliminated a fault further back.

  • @Lia Yeah I didn’t see any cracks or separation of the solder on the connection pins for the battery. I took a soldering iron and reheated them just in case. Still no luck. Looks like the XR streak will end as time is running out.

  • @HanahsDax Crap, only thing I can suggest now is to probe between the small white connector where the blue, black, green and white wires BMS side and with the controller side connector hooked up test the continuity all the way to the pins on the controller PCB to truly make sure that there is a path from BMS to controller and we're not missing something like heavy contact resistance in the connector.

    If those are still clear maybe test shorts by probing between pins in diode mode, none of the voltage ones but namely white, green and ground. A shorted green and white (RX/TX) would confuse communication. I can't imagine the actual controller bit the dust!

    Really sorry this happened, I'm hoping the solution reveals itself before 12.

  • Onewheel Legend you are!!!

  • @blkwalnutgrwr I second this, still #1 in my books.

    Heatbreaking to see a HW issue do this, are there any 3rd party repair shops nearby that can take a look to get that board back rolling again?

  • @HanahsDax -- Your streak of daily riding continues unbroken with your V1 -- the two streaks overlap as you head for 1000 consecutive days riding Onewheels, even through Colorado winters!

  • Thanks everyone for the support, suggestions, guidance and kind words. The community has been great and a big reason I’m so bummed is I feel I’m letting everyone down by not being able to continue to push the next rider. This community is inspiring in so many ways.

    I had two options yesterday, crawl in a bottle and let sadness and disappointment run my life or try my hardest to get my XR repaired while also still keeping the V1 streak alive. I was unsuccessful on the repair as I lack the brain power that was required to properly diagnose and repair but kept the V1 day streak going. The quest for a 1000 days in a row is now relied on continuing the V1 day streak over the next 97 days. I also still have 3 badges to collect to complete the entire achievement section of the app.

    *Life is only as good as the memories we make. And when this hourglass has filtered out its final grain of sand I’ll raise my glass to the memories we had.
    So long, Astoria-The Ataris/Kris Roe

  • @HanahsDax I think it's safe to say you've been an inspiration to us all and still will even without the streak. The streak is by far an impressive achievement, one to stay recognised for a long time however your presence in the community is something that will never disappear. Supportive, constructive and an all round gem of a character that I'm glad I can call a friend.

    The V1 streak will carry the torch for now. Who's to say you can't keep pushing the next riders on the board everyone least expects to outdo them ;)

    Keep us updated on your XR too, if you need to bounce any thoughts or findings off me I'm happy to continue assisting where possible.

  • @Lia Thanks for all your help and kindness. I wish international shipping costs weren’t so extreme or I would send the controller and spare battery pack to you to tinker with. I thought about sending it back to the mothership but they will probably just tell me I need a complete overhaul so it’s almost more cost effective to buy a new XR. I have a ton of spare parts I collected hoping I would be able to address any problem I encountered during the streak but I may put them up for sale and use the funds to help with new board cost. I think @blkwalnutgrwr wants a few.

  • @HanahsDax Agreed, international shipping bites :/

    If nobody more local could take a look maybe you could try just sending the controller and I'd use my battery for testing since everything else checked out. At least that way you get to keep the working brains and mileage if I get it working again.

  • @HanahsDax -- Yes, indeed, I could use a motor assembly and sensor footpad if those are parts you care to part with. The harness I only wanted to cut out all the little wires and use it as a direct EGO cable -- so if it is not damaged you are better off getting it to someone else who needs the whole thing. Email Paypal ready. Again though, sorry your board malfunctioned.
    Hmmm... On the other hand you could take my spare Plus controller and battery pack and turn your XR into a Plus if that is of any interest to you. (Edit: Actually my spare controller is 3206, not as desirable as 3208.)

  • @HanahsDax just curious, what hardware version is the record breaking board? 4207?

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