Foot injury :(

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Looks like it :)

    Wasn't planning on doing it this early but after today's dizzying laps round the room I think I'll be able to float on over to Tesco and do my usual weekly shop.

    Probably good timing too. I can see a noticeable circle in the carpet where I've been rolling round the past few days. So much so it's even cleaned my tyre better than when I used to wash it.

  • @Lia
    Love the video edit. Did not like the ankle roll.... Hope recovery is going well?

  • @LidPhones Thanks :)
    Going surprisingly well, just got back from shopping which involves riding there and back while carrying it all.

    Might have chose one of the worst days to go as yesterday a guy had a brick thrown at his head on a street I take to get there and a convoy of travellers have settled in at one of the other store car parks.

  • @Lia -- Carrying the heavy and awkward XR in and out of your apartment with crutches must be challenging.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr I ditched the crutches in the end, managing to get around with just the boot now thankfully. Had to add some material to the foot of the boot since it's curved which made activating the pads reliably a nightmare.

    Is indeed challenging though getting up and down the stairs. Taking it slow and doing multiple trips up and down with various bits.

  • @Lia -- Eleven days since you threw away the crutches -- how is the healing going? Well, I hope, and not skipping a beat, or missing a day! Easier to ride your XR than walk, probably, is my guess. Be sure to keep us posted of your adventures in healing.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Funny you ask, today was my first ride without the space boot which was so much better. Couldn't fit my swollen foot in till now (2 weeks 2 days of swol foot D: ).
    Space boot sucked as it had a rounded base so I could never properly activate the pads. I put some rubber feet used for network kit on the heel and toes to help activate but they fell off a lot leading me too as well >.>

    Still swollen and certain foot movements hurt a little but most are fine. Oddly enough having been unable to use it for maneuvering for 2 weeks that foot forgot entirely how to ride. Took about half an hour before it finally started to correct wobbles and terrain shifts.

    Doc wants to check my foot again in 2 weeks, looks like I'll be able to do the 40km ride there and back by OW at this rate :)
    I'm sure they'll be most pleased seeing me pull up on the thing that got me in this situation in the first place lol.

  • First long ride after busting the foot yesterday. Past 3 weeks has been nothing but rain so hopped at the chance to finally break free from the house.
    Still got a lot to get used to again as I could barely manage the last 20km. Was a 66km ride but my phone was dying at 52km so called it quits since the app kills my battery when recording rides.

    Doc said 2 more weeks and I shouldn't feel anymore pain. He did say NOT to play sports etc, I assume this falls into that category but I mean... I feel no pain when riding so assuming I don't fall off again it'll continue to recover.

    So looks like the 6 week estimate was about right. Happy to be back out rolling for more than 30 minutes each day.

  • @Lia Good return back; glad no pain!

  • @petec8787 Thanks :)
    Hope you're doing okay after your fall too, seems like a lot of us have been getting friendly with the ground as of late.

  • @Lia That's the truth; not proud of it but I did it again the other day, by committing a dumb error that I was warned against (facepalm). I was happy that I was wearing more protective gear though, so nothing damaged but my ego :-) Still loving riding my board and learning more every time--to me, there's nothing else quite like it.

  • @petec8787 Glad to hear the gear kept you safe and you're back to riding again :)

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