Signs we see in our travels...

  • A sure sign of a good time. So far my favorite trail to date. Unable to ride it completely due to the Prospect Basin being closed until July 1st due to elk calving season but this particular section is my favorite and was my first time riding in 2021 and is not considered part of the basin.

  • @HanahsDax -- XR! -- Nice to see!

  • This is stuck on the refrigerator with magnets.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr , Awwww! Totally melts my heart! :)

  • FA0DB435-8D5B-4EBB-9519-3758B8424AF8.jpeg
    A new trail to check off the list.

  • So that is the new board with just 500 miles? I'm guessing you haven't yet removed the plastic protector from the rails? Is that what I'm seeing as "really scuffed up" --- just the thin protector film being tugged here and there?

  • @HorsePlay Correct, I put clear rail guards on them but haven’t removed the film from them. A couple sides have already fallen off and all that remains is the adhesive.

  • 1BB2D552-85D2-4DCA-9D30-964685938610.jpeg

    One evening at dusk I was riding here. Bent the knees slightly before going onto the “new asphalt” in case there was a little raised edge or something. But when I got there, all hell broke loose. I stayed in it and luckily the board was still there under my feet when the shaking and bucking stopped. I came back a couple days later to take a look in the daylight and…

    “Vägskada” means “damaged road”. It wasn’t just bumpy - there was this really big 🕳! 🤣

  • @hattifnatt looks like a really cool place to ride! I too once discovered some unexpected roadwork during a very early morning ride.

    New moon, no street lights. Cruising around on familiar roads at 16kph. I dropped 10 cm from the normal road surface with no notice. Might as well had been from the top of a building. I think I saw my grandmother! Luckily I was able to ride it out no problem, but that very brief moment when you realize you're freefalling into the inky blackness with no notion of where it ends is both terrifying and exhilarating. Really gets the blood flowing.

  • Most of my Onewheel travel is cruising up and down the 44 miles of the Western Reserve Greenway Trail. IMG_3219.jpeg

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