Signs we see in our travels...

  • So that is the new board with just 500 miles? I'm guessing you haven't yet removed the plastic protector from the rails? Is that what I'm seeing as "really scuffed up" --- just the thin protector film being tugged here and there?

  • @HorsePlay Correct, I put clear rail guards on them but haven’t removed the film from them. A couple sides have already fallen off and all that remains is the adhesive.

  • 1BB2D552-85D2-4DCA-9D30-964685938610.jpeg

    One evening at dusk I was riding here. Bent the knees slightly before going onto the “new asphalt” in case there was a little raised edge or something. But when I got there, all hell broke loose. I stayed in it and luckily the board was still there under my feet when the shaking and bucking stopped. I came back a couple days later to take a look in the daylight and…

    “Vägskada” means “damaged road”. It wasn’t just bumpy - there was this really big 🕳! 🤣

  • @hattifnatt looks like a really cool place to ride! I too once discovered some unexpected roadwork during a very early morning ride.

    New moon, no street lights. Cruising around on familiar roads at 16kph. I dropped 10 cm from the normal road surface with no notice. Might as well had been from the top of a building. I think I saw my grandmother! Luckily I was able to ride it out no problem, but that very brief moment when you realize you're freefalling into the inky blackness with no notion of where it ends is both terrifying and exhilarating. Really gets the blood flowing.

  • Most of my Onewheel travel is cruising up and down the 44 miles of the Western Reserve Greenway Trail. IMG_3219.jpeg

  • 1909A963-0F1C-46A5-812D-7E1E9849092B.jpeg Out in the middle of nowhere there was a wooden sign that said “dungeon” and pointed down a tiny road towards a farm. I took a pass on that one, but it turns out it was legit.

  • The name of a cross road on the heavily forested Western Reserve Greenway Trail.IMG_3304.jpeg

  • Etched in the concrete sidewalk on my way to the store. And again, while this is not my handwriting I do have much admiration and respect for FranKtheTanK as we trade positions back and forth, leapfrogging and jockeying our ways up the Plus Leaderboard for mileage.

  • @HorsePlay said in Signs we see in our travels...:

    @NotSure , what a lovely road! So different from my present view (sand, cactus, scrub, mountains) ... sigh. Lovely. Thanks for sharing it!

    UGH! I'm over it! Sure it's pretty, but between the hurricanes in summer, nor'easters in winter, and the general seasonality of it... I'm so tired of living on a 100 mile long bullseye!

    Can I come stay with you guys in the desert?

    I'll eat a san pedro for your entertainment. I'll stay with the horses if need be...

  • @NotSure Hope you’re doing okay with that latest storm that hit. Only just seen some of the images and videos from the coastal areas and it looks rough.

  • @NotSure , Bring an RV/trailer. We'll toss you a power line and water hose. We might have to be creative on reaching our septic with your rig's dump tanks?

  • @HorsePlay said in Signs we see in our travels...:

    @NotSure , Bring an RV/trailer. We'll toss you a power line and water hose. We might have to be creative on reaching our septic with your rig's dump tanks?

    lol see u Tuesday

  • @Lia said in Signs we see in our travels...:

    Hope you’re doing okay with that latest storm that hit.

    just seepage. no inundation but it was a close one! Lots of other folks not so lucky. It was a lot of rain. 8+ inches in 3 hrs locally. Tornadoes and shit. I'm tired from hustling to mitigate. Nerves still a bit tweaked. I looked out my door and found a lake. Another few inches higher (4 maybe) and it would have been bad for me. I was really lucky.

    So it's desert life for me. Gonna find a hill and park a tiny house on it. Hunt rabbits and snakes on my onewheel. I wish to live deliberately...

  • @NotSure said in Signs we see in our travels...:

    So it's desert life for me.

    I hate to break it to you ... but deserts have flash floods. We were in CO last weekend (with our OneWheels!) monitoring alerts of flash flood warnings at home. Indeed, a big storm cell had stalled out right over our area. Lots of rain, plenty of lightening ground-strikes and one resulting brush fire. My first full day home I spent hours on the tractor patching, repairing and grooming the driveway. Relocated several tractor buckets of dirt from the south end of the property to the north to fix deep run-off ruts from neighboring properties. Fun, fun!

    In other news, it sure was fun to take the OWs on their first road trip! Deliberately recorded at least a mile as we travelled state to state. Sadly, we missed Utah as we tend to cut across 4-corners and really didn't find a spot to pull off for the few yards of road that were actually in UT. I did point out a nice, long, dirt driveway ... but we didn't stop and then quickly found ourselves in CO. Ah, oh, well. Next time we'll remember that guy's driveway ... ??

  • @HorsePlay said in Signs we see in our travels...:

    Fun, fun!

    i can totally relate. My risk mitigation game is on point! Nothing like watching all u have on the line... I hate it lol. Gotta get going on that ark.

  • Not that I actually saw this sign myself...IMG_3435.jpeg

  • An interesting old family headstone from a local cemetery in which I used to Onewheel before I discovered the Greenway.

  • The hand lettering on this sign reminds me of the Chick-Fil-A billboards where the cows are scrawling to convince people to eat more chicken. IMG_3479.jpeg

  • 28003590-0C29-4F11-BD7B-D14EE4DB826C.jpeg
    It was a No-Brainer...
    Why not? Took Coco Loco. Only had to walk it twice.

  • @HanahsDax -- I especially like the "WARNING: Advanced Riders Only" sign.

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