Bad News from Southwest Airlines

  • I just received this email from SWA:

    Travel Advisory
    Effective Saturday, December 12, 2015, Southwest Airlines will not transport hoverboards (balance boards, gravity boards, self-balancing devices, etc.) in either checked luggage or as a carryon item. We ask Customers to keep this in mind when traveling this holiday season. Please refer to our special luggage policies for more information.

    • I hope they reconsider and change this policy soon...

  • This seems like total crap. It's not the balancing aspect that is causing fires, but rather the batteries and/or electronic design. When a car maker has a safety issue, all vehicles with four wheels are not suspect to cause harm. Seems to me like "hoverboard" is so popular and there are so many brands that they need to make the ban vague enough to cover all of them but that does catch ow in its crosshairs too.

  • @Franky Exactly!

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