Random Story: The power of Purpose!

  • I'm not athletic by either nature or training. I understand the Power of Purpose (and, related, the Power of Focus) through my mentors in Natural Horsemanship. For the most part, I'm aware of both of these as intellectual theories rather than personal experience.

    But today!
    Today I had one of those rare and beautiful moments when the Power of Purpose really shined. My OW practice and daily training was fueled by a real need.
    Skill + Purpose: it all came together!

    The story: I'm kinda distracted and busy these days. I moved my tractor work forward a day but forgot to take out the trash. And then I heard the familiar rumbling of the trash truck at a neighbor's property. It hit me like an alarm clock and I nearly jumped: "Eeek! Can I still catch it??" Maybe, even likely, if I use the OW!

    I quickly grab my board, tie up the trash bag, exchange Western boots for Vans, fire up the app on my phone ... mostly simultaneously. I jumped on the board, raced around the horse paddock (practically waving a big, white, plastic trash bag; assume the horses think this is a ghost, right??) and across a bumpy off-road track to reach the roll-off. Phew! Made it!

    The amazing thing: While zipping in hot pursuit of a goal, I felt like the ground was smooth. The ride was almost magical. That was that Power of Purpose ... it leveled the path and turned the bumpy, uneven terrain into smooth sailing. So cool.

    I hope each of you experience that weirdly wonderful, smooth sailing joy today! Float on! :)

  • @HorsePlay -- Sweet experience!

  • @HorsePlay
    A very vivid story teller you are... It like I was on that journey with you...... 😊

  • when the mind gets out of the way the body takes over

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