Foot pad sensor warning

  • Hi--new rider here (since April '21), and yesterday something new happened. I got the "Foot pad sensor warning: you have been off one of the two foot pad zones for more than 10 sec while riding X mph--please be careful not to deactivate the footpads while riding!" message at least 5x during my ride.

    --Rode board normally, no tricks attempted; my feet stayed on the board at all times

    --My normal foot position is slightly diagonal, yet never got this message before

    --The speeds quoted by the app's warning were within the range I ride, so nothing weird there

    --Despite the warnings, board behaved normally

    --Could this be a Bluetooth issue? During my ride, I was listening to music, and the music was cutting out a lot

    --When I bought my XR+, I purchased OW bumpers and followed their instructions to install; other than that, I've not done any tinkering or mods, and never got this warning before yesterday

    --For background info, I have had one semi-bad spill on the board not long after I bought it (posted previously), where the board got wobbly really fast ~15 mph on smooth roadway, and tossed me; I've been alert for pushback since I started riding, and am pretty sure I had none on that spill. It's entirely possible/likely that, as some commenters advised then, that my spill was just due to inexperience, wobbly, etc., but now combined with this sensor warning is making me a little uneasy...

    I've researched the OW forums for similar experiences and found a couple, and the answers posed to them varied; I did learn the method of testing the sensors by touching each pad to see if the headlights react, and will do that when I get home tonight.

    As a new rider, I'm loving my XR+, and realize I may be a little paranoid both due to my accident + my inexperience, which is why I'm trying to ride as often as possible & get more knowledgeable, but also desiring to tap into your collective wisdom & experiences, too.

    Any ideas what could be happening? Thanks in advance.

  • @petec8787 I've been riding over 7000 miles on a + and an XR and this happens to me "occasionally" and seemingly for no reason. What I usually try to do is shift my forward foot a bit and that normally stops it from happening again. If I do get a second warning, I will stop, get off the board, then remount fresh and that almost always stops it. It almost seems like somehow my foot is in just the right spot to maybe not trigger one side of the sensors. But again, it usually stops using one of the methods I mentioned. If this were to happen consistently, I would suspect faulty footpad sensors, but not bluetooth. The error is generated by the board, not the app.

    Be careful and have fun!

  • @OneDan Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Dan; I'll try those out. I also appreciate you touching upon the BT aspect, good point. Thanks!

  • I get that often when going straight down the road. The roads are crowned to assist in water run off from the center to the gutters. Even though I'm going straight down the road I'm actually heavy on my toe side (I ride goofy) to overcome the slope of the roadway and my heel will often not be making enough contact to register.

  • I got that message often when first working on my heel-side turns. I tend to remain heavy on the heel and now understand that I must work to rebalance my weight after completing the turn.

    I've learned quite a bit about myself while training on this board. I've learned that I can isolate fear specific to my feet. That is, I'd say, "My feet felt fear." My feet would tense and remain that way for quite a long time ... which made my heavy heel even worse from the board's POV.

    So ... now I try to wiggle my toes, stretch my feet and even bounce on the board now and again to loosen up. I figure the foot pad sensor warning was good feedback: I'm not riding correctly. I'm not using my body correctly.

    It gets better!

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