Motor disengaging for a blip of a second?

  • Today while riding my board, after about 5min into the ride, I felt like my Onewheel Pint disengaged the motor for a blip of a second. The reason I say this is because I heard that exactly same dry sound from the board as when we come to a complete stop and we take the foot off of one of the sensors to disengage it - the only difference being that I was riding it at about 13km/h when that happened.

    Thankfully that happened for less than a second and right after I started losing my balance due to that the board re-engaged the motor and I just continued riding.

    I had the app opened and it didn't display any notifications (I initially thought it could have been due to lack of both sensors engaged but no).

    I'm curious if this has been experienced before by anyone else and if anyone has any clue what could have happened here? I have more than 1200km (~700miles?) on this board and it had 90% battery.


  • @Firehalk -- Is Simple Stop still enabled? I have read of issues like this (and worse) when Simple Stop gets inadvertently engaged. The solution in that case is to change over to the heel-lift stop.

  • Hi @blkwalnutgrwr, it's off

  • @Firehalk -- Shoes? Different ambient temperature? Cracked solder joint on a pin inside the controller case? Loose footpad connector? VnR? On smooth pavement or at a bump? New grip? Regular or goofy riding stance? Odd magnetic fields? -- the kinds of thoughts I would be thinking, trying to puzzle it out.

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