So does the apple watch app work ?

  • Does the apple watch app work for you ? For me it does work to switch modes, but that's it. Battery level and speed are stuck at 100% and 0.0mi respectively. That when the iphone app shows correct readings.

  • if i find the time to do so, i'll verify it today ;-) might also be that you have to restart the apple watch. had to do it once (concerning another application that didn't properly/only partly), so this might already be your solution.

  • Everything works great for me. Make sure you have the latest OS for the watch.

  • @forzabucks Good to hear. I do have the latest watch OS, as well as The OneWheel app 1.2.7. (Prior to updating the OneWheel App it was showing only a pinwheel on the watch). Force-quitting and restarting the onewheel app on the watch did not change its behavior. Not sure what else to try. I have IOS 9.2.1 on the iPhone 5s.

    Can you describe you connection sequence ? Eg. turn on the board, launch OneWheel on the iphone, connect, launch onewheel on the watch, it shows 0.0mi, hit power button on the watch to lock it, put the watch in the pocket, start riding, see the speed showing correctly on the watch ?

  • I power up the board, then iphone app, then watch. It all seems to work great. The watch lets meet switch modes, as well as tell me my speed and battery level.

  • I just had gotten my watch and used it with ow a couple of times. Initially it seemed to be working well for battery and speed but one time after not looking for a while I checked and it seemed like battery and speed were not updating but were rather sitting at the last place they were. Not sure what I did if anything but after a bit it just started working again. It's nice to have when it is working.

  • after extensively using the OW in combination with my phone and apple watch i come to the following conclusions

    1. the onewheel is one mighty machine for cruising and offroading
    2. the bluetooth connection to my phone is more or less solid. it always takes some time to refresh the current battery state and speed when starting / opening the app, but then everything works like a charm.
    3. my apple watch works the same: takes some time to update speed and battery level when first starting the apple watch app. also, if i don't look at the watch frequently to check battery/speed, the initial refresh time is a bit longer than one would expect. this probably has to do with the synchronisation between onewheel - iphone - apple watch.

    starting procedure: my iphone is running, and i start my apple watch. i then start the onewheel and connect the iphone app to the onewheel. ultimately i take my first glimpse at the apple watch app whilst riding.

    hope this helps somewhat. haven't had any major issues so far :) safe rides!

  • pretty funny this app 2 mph more than the reel speed ;)

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