What is Error 79?

  • 0.3 miles into my morning ride I received a harsh warning sound (from my phone); the app showed a pop-up dialog: Error 79; Please check your manual or contact support.

    The manual does not appear to mention Error 79 and I failed to count the flashes before shutting the board off.

    Any ideas on what Error 79 signifies?

    FWIW, I was riding a freshly charged battery (left charging overnight for balancing); riding dirt with a few mini-bonks over mole hills. My speed was likely ~6MPH just before the error triggered.


  • @HorsePlay It'll be an app/server error so you'll be fine. The bigger numbered errors are not board related :)
    Worst case restart the app.

    I've had error 71 last year and had no issues since.

  • @HorsePlay -- I remember seeking advice when I first had high number errors. I even put in a ticket with Future Motion, and they said not to worry -- like Lia noted they are not actual board errors.

  • Yeah! Thank you, both!

    FWIW, I ran the App update either last night or this morning ... maybe it was related to that catching up on data while I was riding ...

    THANK YOU! I will return to riding with confidence.

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