Art piece for the forum members

  • @NotSure sure that could be me! He has a great smile.

  • 6e489ee8-09e4-47d5-b86b-482f302435e6-image.png


  • @NotSure Oh I've seen those hats, looks even cooler than it does in the images I've seen!
    Will for sure be putting that in :)

  • So it begins~
    Only the preview window, it doesn't look like much since the ref folder I made over the weekend is hidden ;)

    Columbo One More Thing gif
    While I'm here...

    @NotSure I noticed while going over one of the vids that it looks like you ride with the right foot on the front pad, is that correct? Just one of those little details I want to make sure I get right.

    @stinkyface Do you happen to have a preferred set of clothing (certain shirts, jeans/shorts, etc) when riding, I wasn't able to piece much together when creating some reference material on past posts.

  • @Lia light blue jeans and a grey hoodie today. Backpack of stuff on board. Did I mention that I rode the 8km home in the rain one time with an umbrella ☔☔. Was slow and got a lot of laughs from all who saw.

  • @stinkyface Thanks :)
    That must have been one interesting ride!

  • @Lia said in Art piece for the forum members:

    @NotSure I noticed while going over one of the vids that it looks like you ride with the right foot on the front pad, is that correct? Just one of those little details I want to make sure I get right.

    Correct. I also play ukulele but i don't have any video of me playing on my onewheel... yet!

  • @NotSure said in Art piece for the forum members:

    I also play ukulele but i don't have any video of me playing on my onewheel... yet!

    I now have a whole new image of a modern, strolling minstrel. Today’s version wears a colorful ball cap … and is a rolling minstrel! (I’ll be looking forward to your new video!)

  • Finally had some more time to continue drawing. Got the base sketch and positions done, now working on a final sketch layer to figure out how everything is going to look. Only got 2 and a half riders done on that so far, I'm not the fastest drawer out there but I'm happy with how it's coming :)

    For anyone that wants to see how far along it's coming click the image below to take a cheeky peak at a partial screenshot.
    Onewheel Forum Group Ride WIP 1 spoilers.png

  • @Lia, Yahoo! Looking so cool! :)

  • Sorry this is taking forever. Set myself some time at the end of each day to work on it so should speed things up :)

    Everyone has now been sketched out and ready for final lineart, detailing, colouring and shading.

    If you want to take a peak below is what you all look like so far (without the blurring in the preview of course). Feel free to gimme a poke if you'd like anything tweaking.

    I sleep now, 1:30am lol

  • Lia rides on water!

    (Wasn’t really sure how to phrase that. Akin to walking on water … but riding. To use OW verb ‘float’ just didn’t have any impact at all. Of course, we all float on water … naturally, w/out the OW.)

    Love the progress! Super!

  • @HorsePlay Aha floating on the water would be cool. Onewheel fem-jesus lol.
    Instead I'll just be in it, rail deep since it's something I tend to do when I find the right body of water.

  • @Lia “X-Stream Lia” is one of my nicknames I have dubbed you.

  • Alright, got the flat colours down for everyone (except me, ignore me for now!)
    Bare in mind I'll be shading these so they'll look like 200% better with actual shadows, highlights etc ;)

    Everyone happy with how they look so far? If I've missed or got something wrong I'll happily fix it.
    Onewheel Forum Group Ride (V4e).png
    This is probably the last update image before the final piece. Just wanted to share this one before I start laying down the final details to check I've not missed anything :)

    Leaving the environment to last, I find that therapeutic to do once the main focus is done.

  • @Lia Gonna have to say @blkwalnutgrwr’s board is spot on and @b0ardski looks rad AF. Thanks for putting this all together.

  • @HanahsDax Thanks :) Took a few retry's to get the look of it down. Making sure to add those little details where I can without upsetting the balance. More to add now with the basics down.
    For b0ardski it only seemed right having him doing something gnarly having seen a few older posts of him skiing some pretty steep slopes. The foot holds on that board sold me on the idea ;)

  • awsome Lia! you are great at capturing character, but the x-stream girl from planet Catwheel is still a ghost!
    so glad you got the time "off" to do this.
    ps the tiedye looks great

  • First off... sorry this took so long :(

    Long story short I've not been doing great so haven't been able to really get on with much. I have however been making sure I spent at least an hour every other day on this.

    Anyway enough of that since it's hardly the time or place to discuss that. Here you all are :)
    Click on the image to see the larger version that you can zoom in on (it's a big).
    alt text
    Hopefully I didn't forget anything >.>


    There is so much in this drawing I'd have to type an essay to go over everything.... so instead I'll let you all just zoom around and enjoy finding all the things I added in since there are numerous little nods, references and otherwise silly additions.

    Where is this located? Not a clue, I just made it up with lots of reference material for whatever I wanted to add in. Decided to add 3 notable FM crew to the artwork too, namely Kyle, Jack and Ted. Apologies to everyone else from the team, the tree could only be so big as I realised quite quickly >.>

    So there it is, I won't say anything more about it till you all get a good look for yourselves.
    If you spot anything you like, recognise or otherwise want to know more about a bit share a snippet of it as a reply, I'd love to talk about it :)

    If you would like something added feel free to give me a poke, I'd be happy to make additional tweaks c:


    If you'd like it printed I can pop it on my redbuddle account and do a test print first to make sure all the colours come out okay since things look wildly different on print, especially dark areas which usually all just blend.
    Otherwise if you'd like to do it yourself feel free to download the full image off the google photos page. It should come out as a 7021x4967 pixel 20MB PNG, any smaller and you've got a low res version.

  • @Lia said in Art piece for the forum members:

    Here you all are :)

    Awesome! I love it! You're very talented (in many different ways apparently).

    Pepsi is for weirdos.

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