Art piece for the forum members

  • wow, sooo much fun in there, love the 'wheel murder scene, the coolerwheel, the statue of the captain is so fitting!! pacman made me lol! homage to QE2 and all our 3rd party friends on the wall graffiti was a great Idea.
    at 1st I thought Kyle was was throwing eggs at us!
    thank you for these efforts Lia, you are an amazing talent and it seems like the endeavor was good therapy.
    edit; I keep finding fun stuff so awesome, we need 6foot5guy on his pint at the water front

  • @b0ardski said in Art piece for the forum members:

    pacman made me lol

    So happy you spotted that :)
    Had to give some of the 3rd party's a shout too since without them a lot of the boards in the piece would look very similar.

    at 1st I thought Kyle was was throwing eggs at us!

    XD that would have been a fun idea. I'm not too sure how Kyle would be since I've only ever seen him in the ad's and handful of interviews. I'd like to imagine he's a cool dude nonetheless like the rest of the guys and gals over at FM.

    So many little things, wanted to add more but at a certain point it'll get too busy, that being said if Franko decides to join in I might poke a few more things on there while I'm at it ;)

    we need 6foot5guy on his pint at the water front

    Not a bad idea, @SixFootFiveGuy would you like in on this too?

  • @Lia said in Art piece for the forum members:

    have you tried putting some slime in the tyre to help patch the leak?

    It was there before the cactus barb ... and I'm sure is working hard against the little invader. The leak is, after all, very slow at this point. (I lost 3lbs of pressure this week.)

    Funny thing: As you spotted the glass on the road ... I could smell the barb. We had just run a flat harrow over the front yard ... and I suspect we nicked a cactus in the process and pulled the random barb into the places where I ride. I recall catching a whiff and immediately thinking, "Uh-oh ...."

    'Slushy' for the 7/11 drink colors -- how fitting! :)

    @blkwalnutgrwr said in Art piece for the forum members:

    @Lia and @HorsePlay -- Adding Armor-Dilloz Red sealant is like getting a new tire within a tire. Somewhere there's a video of Cory Boehne purposely puncturing and slashing a Vega and he cannot get it to leak air. Expensive, but it solves the problem -- without changing the tire.

    Oh, ah! Thank you! I will look for it. I bet it would also be a great help to our riding mower tires which suffer badly in our yard. (Rough terrain, rough land.)

  • @HorsePlay said in Art piece for the forum members:

    I think it tasted a cactus barb.

    Put some dilloz in it. Add more barbs!

  • Goodness. The Armor-Dilloz home page has an image that plays on the OneWheel profile. That armadillo looks like ... something familiar ... right?

    alt text

    EDITED TO ADD: Nevermind. Now I see it ... yes, the product is specifically designed for the OneWheel. I should have read the text before acting from my surprise!!

  • @HorsePlay -- Seeing familiar Onewheel things through your fresh eyes is fun and enjoyable.

  • @Lia said in Art piece for the forum members:

    If you want I can still add you, will just have to find a way to squeeze you in ;)
    I don't necessarily need a pic if that's an issue, a decent enough description should be enough. Managed to draw @stinkyface with a description, a few pics of their board and their thumb in one of the shots ;)

    well, i admit i'm tempted -- but this week is jam packed for me, and i'm leaving Thursday for a few days (camping trip, but i'm bringing the Pint just in case!). so it wouldn't be until next week at the earliest. maybe i could get a photo during the trip!

    Anyone else here have a sage colored Pint? am i the only one? i know there are other OW riders in my town, but i don't personally know any. i have run across people and talked to them, exchanged info, but then we've never seen each other again or ridden anywhere. most people i see on them in town are on XRs or Pluses. I need to find my local Pint Peeps!

  • @Franko Hope you enjoy :)

    Don't worry about the wait, it took me nearly a month between the "finished" piece and the prior update ;)

  • @Lia haha, good point. i will try to ignore that fact so it doesn't feed my procrastination, lol

  • Hey @Lia, love the art. Reminds me of some old cartoon books I read as a kid, with so many hidden stories!

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