Art piece for the forum members

  • Got an itch to draw something and have been toying with the idea to do a project where I include a variety of riders in a single piece. Think of it as a "Thank You" to everyone here who's made the forum extremely welcoming and a joy to be a part of (even if we've never interacted) :)

    I could just add people to the drawing but I figured it might be best to ask who might actually want to be in it since I'll need some reference pieces to go off anyway.

    So here's my proposal, anyone that wants to be a part of this comment with the following:

    • Pictures of your preferred board.
    • Links to pictures of yourself (If you prefer to have an alternative persona/character take your place I'm more than happy to do that. I know some aren't keen on having their identity on the internet)
    • Videos (if there are any) of you riding so I can try and capture your personality.
    • Anything you'd like included (preferred outfit for example) that you feel represents you.

    Added so far:

    Depending on the quantity of submissions will determine the setting and overall theme of the artwork so I've not made any plans for that yet. All I know is I want it to be one big piece with us all in it :)

    Deadline has been met. If you still want in just comment, still time to add more while I work on how this'll look :)
    I'll set a deadline of 24th (June) for entries so I can get to planning. If you miss the deadline but still want in comment anyway and I'll see if I can squeeze you in. It'll take a while for me to even get a rough sketch done depending on how many want in so adding a few more along the way shouldn't be too difficult.

    Edit : Finished it~
    Click on the image to see the larger version that you can zoom in on (it's a big).
    alt text
    Hopefully I didn't forget anything >.>

  • @Lia -- Love your artwork! I'd be honored to be included. Ah... but where to start? Funky boards with wooden fenders and external batteries. Lightweight old guy, in glasses with a Take-a-Look rearview mirror attached. Rides with hands in jacket pockets. Wears full gear including impressive leading shoulder/upper-arm armor, Fox long elbow pads, dirty-white Scabs kneepads, and black-and-white-striped 1Tri wrist guards. Scuffed, old, black skate helmet, often on over a jacket hood for warmth in cooler weather, mornings or evenings. Pigeon-toed riding stance -- leading foot perpendicular to the line of travel. Trailing foot as close to the tire-action as possible. Odd shoes, sometimes different for leading and trailing feet. Pants always tucked into (sometimes unmated) socks for bug avoidance. Rides mostly straight stock-upright, carving pavement trails through woods and farm fields through all kinds of weather. Rarely rides at night. Occasionally pushes the board's limits. Rides pushback a lot, accelerate and ease, again and again in subtle weight-shift dance steps. Smiles and waves a greeting in passing to any-and-everybody on the trail.

    Probably more information than you want, but probably not what you need.

  • @Lia you have to do a caricature based on that description. Oversize head and cartoonie.

  • Hey @stinkyface, you need to get yourself in on this, too!

    Healing up after your surprise fall, I trust? After your story I have been stopping more often to kick debris off the trail I ride.

  • should have got some video of me mowing yesterday but this'll give you the idea
    alt text

  • @blkwalnutgrwr Quite the description but very thorough so I've got plenty to reference.Just in case I'll make sure to pass a rough draft by you first just in case I get anything wrong :)

    @stinkyface Aha very tempting, let me know if you'd like to be in this. The more the merrier!

    @b0ardski That's a great use for the board. Might have to try that next time my gran wants her grass cutting.

  • @b0ardski That's a great use for the board. Might have to try that next time my gran wants her grass cutting.

    It's a bit tricky on my lumpy bumpy excuse for a lawn, even then I was stopping to laugh a lot in the spots I could navigate;-)

  • @Lia Oh you know you can count on me to join the party. It’s probably cuz I think most of the riders on here are real life heroes, especially yourself but when I visualize your idea this image pops in my head.

  • @HanahsDax The temptation to do something like that is pretty high up there.

  • Harborside Adventure vol. 1
    Harborside Adventure vol. 1

    1080p HD. Doubled the playback speed for expediency and flair.
    Music is stock and I LOVE IT! Makes me wanna take drugs.

  • @NotSure Looks like a chill place to cruise. I like how you wave to everyone, a good way to represent the OW community.

  • @NotSure Great ride vid, song reminds me a little bit of the IT Crowd intro :)

    Did you want to be in the art piece? If so do you have any pics of your ride and how you'd like to be drawn. I can go off a description or use a persona/character if you prefer.

  • @Lia I'm happy to be in the group art. I like the idea that, yourself included we don't know what we all look like. So drawing us is like painting blind.

    Key features for me are:

    • Commuter (not with a briefcase pls)
    • Aussie (comfortable with however you interpret that)
    • Bump on head from last stack
    • My wheel is probably 1 of a handful that is polished and no longer black.
    • Jacket, helmet and general kit is black, as is my board, except the shiny wheel.

  • @stinkyface Added to the list :)

  • @Lia,

    I'm new the community (and to OW, in general) ... but would love to be included if you wish it.

    I've set a few photos and videos into a public iCloud folder. Let me know when you've grabbed what you need and I'll take it back down.

    Style Notes:

    • Recreational (not commuter)
    • California casual ... however you interpret that! :)
    • My wheel is DIRTY as it is most often used around the horses and related chores. (I included a screen grab of "as new" from OW's Customizer tool.)
    • Tall, “sporty” … hair pulled into pony tail with long, unruly bangs
    • Usually seen wearing a straw hat and bandana; often in long shirt/blouse over tights.
    • At home, I ride w/out safety gear except for leather gloves. Can be seen trotting the horses, carrying equipment (ladder, feed buckets, hay nets, ropes, pruning sheers …), or pulling the manure cart. Mostly hauling a large hay net over my shoulder!
    • On the street, I ride with helmet, knee pads, wrist guards … and often ride in a timid stance (stiff, hands together almost “like a rabbit” according to my husband but, in my case, the two hands are facing one another as loosely held fists, touching at the mid-finger knuckles; thumb tips also touching; elbows kept close to my sides) <<— I don’t often ride streets and am easily intimated by traffic.
    • Footwear? I started out riding in my western boots ... but now ride almost exclusively in slip-on Vans that match my board (similar shade of yellow).

    Too much info, perhaps? ;-)

  • @HorsePlay New or old everyone here is welcome to be in it :)

    Many thanks for all the reference material, will help me plenty when getting everyone down on the (digital) canvas.

  • @Lia said in Art piece for the forum members:

    Did you want to be in the art piece? If so do you have any pics of your ride and how you'd like to be drawn. I can go off a description or use a persona/character if you prefer.

    Frankly, I dress like it's perpetually laundry day these days, Plaid pajamas and v-neck tees mostly. Hoodies when it's cold.

    Yellow rails with dark blue fender with a black craftnride fender bag, a kush nug hi, and I added a ring of Alexa-compatible 3-pin LEDs to the undercarriage for illumination. Like Kit from Knightrider lol.

    Considering how posh the area in that video appears, perhaps a homeless monopoly guy lol? I have a video of me in my mcfly hat, but i might have to downsample it. I'll post it here later if i do.

  • @NotSure said in Art piece for the forum members:

    I dress like it's perpetually laundry day these days

    I know that feeling, thankfully my board is perpetually covered in dirt so at worst it matches the rest of me.

    Will get to work on it soon, got a few idea's floating round my head on the scene.

  • @stinkyface said in Art piece for the forum members:

    Aussie (comfortable with however you interpret that)


  • re: above

    What an incredibly beautiful face! His expression seems, to me, to radiate hope, warmth and kindness. Those eyes!!

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