Art piece for the forum members

  • @Lia said in Art piece for the forum members:

    If you want I can still add you, will just have to find a way to squeeze you in ;)
    I don't necessarily need a pic if that's an issue, a decent enough description should be enough. Managed to draw @stinkyface with a description, a few pics of their board and their thumb in one of the shots ;)

    well, i admit i'm tempted -- but this week is jam packed for me, and i'm leaving Thursday for a few days (camping trip, but i'm bringing the Pint just in case!). so it wouldn't be until next week at the earliest. maybe i could get a photo during the trip!

    Anyone else here have a sage colored Pint? am i the only one? i know there are other OW riders in my town, but i don't personally know any. i have run across people and talked to them, exchanged info, but then we've never seen each other again or ridden anywhere. most people i see on them in town are on XRs or Pluses. I need to find my local Pint Peeps!

  • @Franko Hope you enjoy :)

    Don't worry about the wait, it took me nearly a month between the "finished" piece and the prior update ;)

  • @Lia haha, good point. i will try to ignore that fact so it doesn't feed my procrastination, lol

  • Hey @Lia, love the art. Reminds me of some old cartoon books I read as a kid, with so many hidden stories!

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