Change your bearings. If it's been awhile, You won't regret it.

  • Just changed my bearings on my XR, so onto my 3rd set after riding the last set for about 18 months.

    I could feel a regular bump as the wheel rotated when riding on really smooth surfaces. After removing the bearings and rotating them by hand, the bump is still evident in the toe side bearing, but apart from that they roll smooth. So seems like a bit of grit found its way in past the seals.

    Got to admit that I was a bit bummed they were not too bad and probably could have done a thousand more miles. I was also seeing my battery level dipping into the high 40% level after my regular commute where it never used to go below 50%. So either it was battery degradation or the bearings! 🙄🙄. Clearly I was hoping bad bearings were reducing my range.

    So new bearings in, they feel great. Anyone who tells you they can feel the difference between ceramic vs steel is kidding themselves. They are just feeling new vs old.

    Short story is, despite the old bearings rotating very free in my hand, on the run home last night, I used 8% less battery amp hours, but regen Ah were the same. Same tire pressure, same route and same regen, indicates to me I was riding with a similar amount of enthusiasm.

    If you haven't changed your bearings and have a year or more of regular riding, do your board a favour.

  • nice to hear of your range went up, I'll get new bearings when I do a makeover, I've got a good click goin on the toeside after 1300 miles

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