Pint BMS repair

  • Woohoo! Fixed my first Pint bms... bought a broken Pint for $525, I was going to modify it with a Raiden 7 vesc, but decided to play around with it, determined the BMS was bad. I'm not good at electronics, but I can use a ohmmeter. After doing some basic troubleshooting, determined one of the switching mosfets was shorted and passing current without the power switch. I had a n channel mosfet with roughly the same specs as the original(it was for a Plus) temporarily soldered it in, and it's alive. Now don't know wat to do with a stock Pint.
    pint bms.jpg pint bms 2.jpg

  • @lemur Congrats on the repair!
    Wonder what caused it to blow in the first place?

  • The previous owner tried to install a extended battery and probably did the plug in sequence wrong and got an error 16. Once the battery is plugged in, the Pint would say on and flashed the error message and could not be turned off with the power switch.
    I've since removed the defective mosfet and replaced it with a higher amperage one, however I noticed the charge connector gets pretty warm while charging. I think this a known weak area with documented failures. Picture is of repaired and tested BMS.

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