Common Criminal!

  • So I've been riding my OneWheel around a practically vacant section of the parking lot where I work during my lunch break for the past month. It's very relaxing and therapeutic; I look forward to it, and it helps me get through the day. But today as I headed out the door with my board, I was stopped by one of the security guards and told that they could no longer allow me to ride it on the property, because they've gotten too many complaints and it's a safety liability.

    This guard was actually cool about it, he said he's seen where I ride it and doesn't see a problem with it, and if I wanted to take it up with the head of security, maybe we could work something out. So I did. He took me to his office, and I explained the situation, explained how the OneWheel is very different than a skateboard, and basically did a lot of explaining of crap that I couldn't believe I even had to say.

    I told him that I'd sign a waiver of liability if I had to, so he's going to take it up with the property manager to see what could be done. He seemed to be on my side, but said his hands were tied right now.

    But to me, this should not even be an issue! I see people pacing the parking lot the entire time I'm out there, talking on their cell phones and not paying any attention to what's going on around them. They're more of a liability than me, because I'm completely aware of my surroundings at all times when I'm riding the OneWheel. And I see cars flying through the lot without pausing to see if anyone is coming, but you don't see them outlawing cars!

    It's so aggravating! And with all of these stupid bans on hoverboards and every other green form of commuting, I can't really tell him that these are perfectly legal and it's within my rights to ride it wherever I want. It's just like suddenly, we're all a bunch of common criminals.

  • @thegreck This makes me sad. My office is part of a large warehouse complex which makes for awesome indoor riding. So far people have been really cool about me whizzing past them (responsibly of course, I don't want to ruin it for everyone), and mostly ask what it is with a "that's so cool" after I respond. It will be sad to see our little community have to go underground rather than set the trend for the "personal electric vehicle revolution" due to misinformed lawmakers and public.

  • I agree that these bans are ridiculous. If someone were to pull out a unicycle, nobody would say a word. Ultimately there are just cranky old people who complain and many times get their way.

    You should make them ban all rideables including bikes before letting them ban ow. If they do ban all rideables then I'd say they they just want people walking which I think is okay and something that wil become a bigger deal as electric rideables become more common place.

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