For Sale (3) XR 4211 in Prescott AZ can ship or meet F to F

  • I have one new in box zero miles XR 4211 as I recall $1750
    XR with 1 miles (yes 1) ridden on grass golf course by buddies 7 yo daughter with all box etc $1750
    XR #3 5 miles also from buddies kids all miles on grass golf course $1750
    Also have XR with 71 miles Burris tread tire, float plates, flight fins, SabreTooth Fangs etc and more $1995 version 4210
    Growler version 4206 555 miles flight fins and all the goodies Incl Pint Whisper Tire and new ceramic bearings just installed $2195 what I paid for it and never rode it
    Last I have new in box zero mile Pint but battery has gone dead and 8 hours on charger light still green no charge $750 as-is or tell me where to buy Chi battery for good price hopefully not $385

    PS I have a new set of Growler rails I bought and never used think I paid $500 they were originally $420 make offer

    can text pics and should be on Prescott AZ CL search onewheel

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