Bearings Bearings Bearings... What's the difference?

  • What is Truly the Difference in say a 35mmX55mmX10mm "Chinese brand" bearing that costs $5 to $15 dollars and the others like, Craft N' Ride, ect..???????

  • @3tch3r I can't speak for quality yet since they've had barely any use but the cheap bearings seem to work fine. Most seem to assume the ones FM put in the board are no better than these cheap bearings anyway so you'll likely not make it worse. I used these for my Pint and they're pretty decent so far.

    The only real difference between them would be quality control and decent customer care after purchase. The Craft&Ride guys are solid so if you had any issues or early failure they'd be happy to get you back rolling with a fresh set. For these ones unless you lean into the returns policy on a prime order you may not get a replacement or money back.

  • @3tch3r said in Bearings Bearings Bearings... What's the difference?:

    What is Truly the Difference in say a 35mmX55mmX10mm "Chinese brand" bearing

    Quality control. If the job of changing the bearings is easy and if they fail in a big way isn't a concern, then cheap bearings are right for you.

    For some applications, changing bearings is a real PITA, so spending more makes sense to limit how often you do it. I'm not in the US, so replacing a motor would take months to source and swap, so I choose to spend more.

  • The Hypercore motor is a really nice and innovative piece of engineering. You want to protect it, and one of the best ways to do that is good bearings. Good bearings make the ride nicer sure, but most importantly they protect the motor.

    Cheap bearings are more likely to allow water and particulate into the motor, which is very bad. Bearings are the things which keep the motor and the wheel aligned properly, if the bearings start to go, then the motor and the inside hub of the wheel might touch, which could be bad. Also, changing your bearings is a pain, so get good ones that last longer.

    If you want to get good, inexpensive bearings then you can get the Burris Hybrid Ceramic for like $64 (for a pair). There are a lot of bearings nicer than these. If you go SKF, just make sure they are authentic and not knock-off. Personally, I plan to only buy the TFL Grizzly ABEC7 (ceramic) from now on. I have the ceramic on one board and the steel on another, and the ceramic ones are my favorites for sure.

  • @biell But how do you know a bearing from China is considered a bad bearing? Aren't they all Constructed the same? I mean the bearings that come with Onewheels are from China too. I just see it as money grabbing. No bearing the size of these should be more than $15 dollars IMHO.

  • @Lia yeah i'm going to try these out. Paying around $100 for a set of small bearings if Ridiculous. No bearing this small should cost that much.

  • @3tch3r I don't know they are bad, the difference is that I know the others are good. Without a published ABEC rating or an independent review, you can't even be pretty sure ( ) the off-brand bearing is good.

    It is your motor, and you can feel free to put whatever bearing you want on your board, I was just letting you know how I felt as a counterpoint, so you could make the best, most informed decision for yourself.

  • I was thinking of using cheap bearings on a Pint, but was lectured by a local Onewheel service/dealer. However, after more research, the biggest difference in bearing are the seals, cheap bearings have seals the you can actually see a gap if you hold the bearing up to a light.
    You can actually see the balls through the gap.
    Not wanting to spend over a $100 for bearings with a laser etched "logo" I opted for quality Japanese bearings from Koyo, I didn't trust SKF as there are counterfeit ones.
    Koyo, Nsk, Nachi are good brands. Look for 61907 2rs (6907 2rs).

  • @lemur Fair point, the seals on the cheapy ones I got seemed okay but I did pop them off to pack a bit more grease in since they seemed a bit on the empty side.

  • Thank you guys for all your input! Really! This will help me out alot.

    Stay Floatin' Y'all!!!!

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