Plus redo

  • I had a problem with my Plus after removing the Landsurf wiring, the board wouldn't turn on. Suspecting the BMS because the board would turn on if the battery was connected directly to the controller.
    I decided to check the wiring harness with an ohmmeter first, and found a open circuit on the small blue wire.
    During a "wiggle" test, the blue wire made connection, peeling back the shrink wrap, I found a kink and what looks like bare wire. This kink looks like it was there from the factory waiting to break.
    After repairing the wire, the board still wouldn't turn on, perhaps the arcing of the broken wire fried the BMS.
    Anyways, I decided to zombie the board, but with improvements.
    -Made a 14s2p battery from a broken Ego 5 amp battery
    -Used a printed Xr battery box(more room)
    -Used a small BMS for charging only
    -Rewired the controller to be able to use the original charging port
    -Used a "loop key" instead of a electronic antispark switch
    Advantage of 252 wh instead of original 130wh, almost double the range.
    Downside, voltage percentage doesn't work, but can still see voltage in the app.
    IMG_4407_LI.jpg IMG_4402.JPG IMG_4400.JPG IMG_4401.JPG

  • @lemur -- Nice work!

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