What exactly are the differences between the pint and xr hardware wise?

  • Both use same motor and voltage. I imagine the firmware isn't all that different.

    Are there capacitance differences? The smaller tire permits more torque than the larger xr.

    Besides rails and other stuff, is the only real difference the firmware?

    Pushback on the pint is pretty harsh and always at the same speed it seems. Is it a calculated value or an arbitrary constant value?

    Will the next Onewheel, whenever that may be, have a higher voltage battery and motor, and the current v2 hypercore relegated to the Pint? Will they then, if possible, adjust the pushback?

    In other words, are the current firmware limitations more arbitrary than it seems, and is it done so simply to prevent the Pint from cannibalizing current XR sales until the next product debuts?

    Onewheel conjecture...

  • @NotSure Battery is the biggest difference.

    XR has a 15s2p pack arrangement. So 15 cells series, 2 parallel (30 cells total). 63v max voltage and 6000mAh capacity
    Pint has a 15s1p pack arrangement. 15 cells series (15 cells total). Is again 63V max voltage but only 3000mAh capacity.

    Voltage in series cells adds up, current and capacity adds up in parallel. Because of this the Pint doesn't quite have the same power as the XR.

    Counter-intuitively to what is said above voltage determines the speed of motor so you'd expect both to perform the same right? Well current plays a part in torque, with half the current capacity of the XR the Pint doesn't have the horses behind it to drive the motor so I imagine FM limited the Pint much more to give the pack more headroom on power delivery.

    As some in the DIY community have stated the XR (and Pint) motor are capable of much more than FM allow it to achieve so I suspect the speed limits on both models are arbitrary and artificial. Not to say that's bad, FM must have done some testing to find the speed limits set are the safest thy're willing to push the boards given the battery.

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