Worth every penny?:)

  • I just got my OW 1/24/16 , you know, some complain about the $1500 price tag. I see it this way, it is an awesome well define product. I am 260 pounds fully geared, and this product takes me so smoothly through just about anything. I see it this way, I have tried Jet skis ($3,000-10,000), I have tried (three wheeling, ATV's, four wheelers) and (again $3,000-10,000.00). Extreme like sports are expensive, and although they are completely different , you are still riding for the the thrill of the ride, With OW your places to ride are much less restricted, your world really is you Playground. ( I couldn't of been happier with my purchase, thus far) Two big thumbs up, highly recommended. So much fun, you feel like a kid again.
    Yes worth every penny.

  • Agreed! Welcome to the club ;)

  • Another way to justify/rationalize the OW (if you put in a lot of mileage): In just over a year, I've logged over 2,500 miles. At the IRS's mileage rate ($0.575), my OW has already paid for itself. If you use it as a true means of transport, it can actually make financial sense to buy a OW.

    Plus, the enjoyment - you can't really place a price tag on that :)

  • I agree as well, the OW is an Awesome Board worth every Penny

  • @lynnpreston i like your reasoning.... the OW isn't the most efficient transporter unfortunately... it's fun as hell but compared to an electric bike or electric skateboard, it lacks range, top speed, and stability/safety.

    However, is it worth it? Yes - especially if you have access to nice off-roading trails or beaches - places that can't be accessed by other modes of alternative transportation.

    To me, riding my OW is like riding my snowboard in fresh powder. Riding my electric skateboard is like riding a groomer....

  • welcome to the cult! lol

  • @tomtnt Agreed on speed and range if we are talking about covering a lot of open ground on a good road surface. However, it is my experience that the OW is much, much better than a "traditional" electric skateboard when in tight areas or even over sidewalks with moderate to pronounced expansion joints. Once I got accustomed to how nimble the OW is, I found myself never going back to my traditional electric board - even though it was 30% faster and had triple the range.

    Disagree completely on the stability and safety front as it relates to a traditional board. My OW feels much, much safer and more predictable. It stops faster, allows for faster evasive action, and rolls over obstacles that would cause disaster on a skateboard.

    As far as an electric bike - I'm getting my first one this week, so great minds think alike there B-)

  • Greatly agree that it's worth every penny and yes that is a lot of pennies. It is such a unique and fun experience that is different from anything else in so many ways. Electric skateboard may be most similar but I've never tried and I would think that maneuvering is much better on onewheel....besides the amazing off road capabilities.

  • Ok just to be clear on the amount of pennies. 155,000 pennies. Still worth it. @Franky @greatwhiteshark

  • The way I see it, I wouldn't have minded if it weren't quite so many pennies, but if that's how many pennies it takes to have one, then that's how many pennies I'm going to spend.

  • I live in the South where, even when we get snow, it's too flat to enjoy snowboarding, so when I snowboard, it's usually on a costly trip to out West. While I enjoy the trip with my brother and brother-in-law, it's pretty costly ($750-950) for the trip.

    When I bought my OW, my brother chastised me for paying so much; however, I justified the purchase two ways: 1. It is cheaper than taking two trips out West to Snowboard, and 2. I can ride it almost anywhere around here. Finally, once I got my OW, even my brother got on board (pun intended) because we both felt that a OW will make you a better snowboarder.

    I'll admit that after I made my purchase, I was nervous about a lot of things: 1.) I'm 260lbs, will it work well under my weight? (less range but still powerful; no drag. 2) Is it as easy to get the hang of as the OW videos show? Do I need skateboard experience? [(Yes, after about 30 min of practice, it gets easy. No, I don't need skateboard experience, buy my snowboarding probably helped [I'm not really a pro at it, either)]. 3) Will the company be around for long? (Remains to be seen, but they seem to be doing quite well. I am pretty confident that they will continue to grow based on the amount of riders outside of the US who share on this forum. 4) If it breaks, how will I get it fixed? (I've already had one issue from the charge port/LEDs getting water inside of it and had to send it off. Support was great. I emailed them on MLK weekend, and heard back from them on Monday. I sent it off on Wed, and it arrives there today. Hope the trend continues, but I feel that it will go well).

    In the end, only time will tell about the company and if they can keep giving good support. One day all of our warranties will run out, so let's hope our boards stay healthy and that we won't have to send them off when it's going to cost us. However, after my problem occurred, I was super bummed out because I'd made plans to ride at so many places. I decided that even if support says that I have to pay for some of the repairs, that it would be worth it to me (even after the expense of initial purchase) to pay for repairs. I enjoy my OW that much.

  • @hekkubus I definitely think having skateboarding or snowboarding experience helps, just for the balance aspect of it. I have zero snowboard experience, very little surfing experience, and it's been a very long time since I last rode a skateboard, so I feel it's taking me a lot longer to get to the point where I really feel comfortable on it and that I have total control over it.

    I've let guys who skate try it out, and they'll immediately pick up on stuff that's taken me hours of practice to get down. It's that muscle memory, and the only way to get it is with a lot of practice, whether it's on a OneWheel, or some other kind of board.

  • @hekkubus I also have thought about needing repairs after warranty runs out and have decided it is well worth it enough not to worry about it. Hopefully though after having our boards for a year all the kinks will be worked out and/or we will better know how to keep them working. I just got mine back today after a repair but while it was gone I ordered charge port plugs which I strongly believe would have kept my board from shorting out or whatever it did when I plugged it in after a beach ride and rinse. The sub $1 rubber plug with free shipping fits snug and I'm guessing will keep the port water and crud proof from here on out.

  • @Franky Franky , do you mind telling me were you got the rubber plug, will get 3 at that price:).

  • I think its a little bit overpriced, but if you got the money and want to spend it, then it is worth every single penny!

  • @simenlier I agree. I had to save up for it, but worth it for sure. Been ridding 3 days. I will Update you soon Simen.

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