Authorized Service vs DIY repairs

  • Is there a compromise between Authorized Service and DIY repairs? I'd debate DIY repairs result in more Up Time for boards, but Authorized service is the most reliable ( especially when it comes to electronic repairs)

    TLDR, want authorized service reliability with DIY service availability and turnaround time.

  • @znzn would love to have the option of choice. Sadly no authorised service centres anywhere near me.....FM's model of centralised service only, is not in the best interest of anyone except FM.

    I also expect that if there are electronic issues then complete part replacement is all FM would do anyway. No one apart from @Lia would consider replacing chips on a fried controller board or burnt out BMS. šŸ˜‚

  • @znzn -- Google search StokeLifeService to find an independent service and repair for Onewheels.

  • @stinkyface
    From the way spell centralised with and ā€œSā€ and your profile tag, you are in Australia. I feel for you riders paying $$$$$ for shipping to CA for repairs.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr sup dude, I am familiar with it, and get bearing replacements from them.

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