Why does the remaining battery percentage and % usage not equal 100?

  • So I just picked up a used XR with just under 200 miles on it. The range I'm getting is insane... I rode 9 miles, and had way more battery remaining than I expected. (I weigh 175 and ride at a medium pace, 10 to 11 mph, mostly flat).

    Is that range normal? Seems like more than specs by far.

    My question is this... why does it say I have 72% remaining battery, but says 35% usage. That equals 107%?!? The regen is only 3%, so that isn't the missing puzzle piece.

    Is there something obvious that I'm just not aware of? Is this possibly just the battery aging, and the % usage is more reliable than and not in tune with the big top battery bar?

    I have read that % usage resets every time you turn the board on, so that isn't necessary related to % of battery remaining, but in this example that wouldn't make sense. I believe the battery was at 100% when I started, and I just rode until I was done. Even so, the % usage would have to be less than 100% minus the % remaining (the big bar)... or at most subtracting regen from % usage would still be less than 100 minus the top battery bar.

    I imagine there must be an explanation.

    (Don't tell me it's because my phone battery at 68% plus my 35% usage, minus the 3% regen equals 100% 🤯... LOL! That has to be to random coincidence... right? 💁‍♂️)

    Thanks in advance.


  • @SixFootFiveGuy That's odd, accounting for losses and rounding errors I'd expect it to be less that 100% regardless. I can only assume regen wasn't calculated properly at all since the range is phenomenal for 76% left in the tank.

    Remaining + (Used-Regen)
    72% + (35% - 3%) = 104% ?

    One of my old screenies comes to 99% when added up which makes more sense (excuse the distance, I was rocking VnR).

    76% + (33% - 10%) = 99%

    @HanahsDax You've got some pretty extensive experience with regen ;)
    Is it a reliable stat or might it get calculated/used different to how I'm assuming?

  • all of these %s are algorithms balancing averages right? I'm thinking cruz and mellow riding is going to give different parameters than delirium at pushback.

  • @Lia I’ve had mixed results tracking regen/usage stats. I’ve included a couple screenshots. The first one adds up to exactly 100 and the second makes absolutely no sense.
    567EAA24-5888-44ED-B8AD-52B51F927DC3.png 7C9A97A2-619B-4A40-92E3-4BD52B3E2CA2.png
    What I do know is they fluctuate. At one point during the 19 mile V1 ride I was at 108% regen but when I started drawing power the regen bar went down and the usage bar went up. Really wish I would have recorded that ride on the app.

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