E-sport advocacy group?

  • I've been wondering whether e-sports like Onewheeling have any public advocacy outside of any corporate lobbies.

    Considering how imperfect our representation can be at times, it would appear significant public advocacy might be the best means of protecting our collective interests.

    In my own state, NYC recently enacted regulations that appear to purposefully exclude pmd's like eskate's and euc's. Luckily, their ineptitude shown through, and there are tons of legal loopholes, but still, wtf???

    I would wager the avg age of the panel that drafted that legislation correlates strongly with an unjustifiable generational bias towards boardsports.

    Furthermore, I'd also bet that the legislation itself does not in any way reflect some rational public necessity for banning an entire class of technology carte blanche. Electric pmd's promise way more demonstrable benefits to the city than there are downsides. So why the prohibition? Negligent representation.

    A prohibition is the laziest, most heavy-handed type of policy a government can leverage. And they did so against what, of all things now? Skateboarding of course. Seems sensible, right? A just, and prudent application of public authority? I would contest that assumption.

    A means of reasonable accommodation for such types of conveyance is the duty of that elected body. They did not do so with good reason, because they have no good reason. No publicly available reports, studies, statements or supporting bodies of evidence are available as to why these devices were not reasonably accommodated.

    The most evidence I could find as to why was a statement citing an increased incidence of injuries associated with these devices. But that's to be expected since these devices never existed before. Bicycles, cars, planes, surfboards, spaceships, triremes... That statement would be true of all of them. It's flawed logic and it has public implications.

    Considering the current political atmosphere, it would appear with a little public organization, my fellow New Yorkers might be able to leverage public sentiments against such institutionalized bias.

    A lot of content producers in this demographic hmm?

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