Option to use smartwatch with OW board directly? (2021 update)

  • The right info is all over the place ... so let me gather it up first.

    (Probably I`m too rookie cuz it took a while to familiarize myself with field of reasons. Maybe this helps someone else too over time being.)

    @OneDan said in Pint Bluetooth issues? (in 2. oct. 2019) :

    ... People have been asking for a standalone watch app even before the XR bluetooth debacle!

    @OneDan said in Pulsing torque going uphill (in 23. jul. 2019) :

    ... back in Nov 2018 or so, FM changed the API and all of the 3rd party apps, OneWheelWear included, stopped working. The author tried to fix it, but it's still broken and he seems to have lost interested in making a final fix to work with the new API (I've pinged him several times, including again yesterday when this was brought up again). So, for now, I'm stuck using the OEM app from FM, which requires the phone app to be running to work.
    FYI, I asked the OneWheelWear app developer to add a customizable speed limit notification and he did! I loved it, for the 6 months or so that it was working!

    Is there any workaround here at all up to this date now? How to not have a phone and/or FM`s OEM OW app as a buffer in wrist-held device communication? Something not sustainable? Anything at all??

  • @Sirgu I checked a short time ago on the OneWheelWear app FB page and he seems to have stopped working on it. If you find another app that's more current, I'd be happy to give it a try. Otherwise, I'm still using the phone/watch combo and it does work quite well. It's just that @Future-Motion doesn't seem too interested in adding features beyond leader boards and social cr@p.

  • @OneDan Oh I wish Iˈd find another standalone. At least for a while, till the end of this season.
    As for me thereˈs no phone+watch combo possible at all due to >these reasons<
    But the zeal of independent developers seems to got stalled on 2018-2019 era.

  • @Sirgu Yeah, saw that thread. Strange, cuz I've been using probably 5 different android phones since I started OWing and have never seen such an issue. I did have the bluetooth chip version issue when I first got my XR, but they fixed that for free relatively quickly. Have you tried someone else's android phone, just to see if it works properly? If it doesn't, give @Future-Motion a call, cuz that would indicate a board issue!

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