Onewheel suspension

  • Wow. Another one with notably well craftsmanship and innovation.
    @lemur have you weighted your prototype at current state?

  • @Sirgu
    Thanks. I haven't weighed it yet, but it'll be heavy. I will make it out of aluminum next time.

  • @Sirgu and @lemur -- Onewheel weight is not necessarily as big an issue as seems to be assumed. While it matters most when carrying the board, especially for any distance, in general it seems to me that is a fairly rare occurrence. My boards are heavy with wet and massive 2x4 framed fenders, steel channel defining fender position on the rails, carbon steel rails, an EGO 10ah battery, a heavy ratchet strap to hold it all together tightly -- as well as the added weight of some other modifications. In and out of the car I lift -- but if I run out of battery on the paved trail I find a crooked stick and tow the Onewheel. Perhaps it is different on a dirt single track through the woods with rocks and roots. But for me, I quit worrying about how much the Onewheel weighs.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr
    Definitely, my XR with the extended battery is a bear to lug around and some of the euc's weigh 50lbs and up, but you don't have to carry an euc except going upstairs.

  • Was just curious. Love the numbers 'n details.
    [ I don't do any jump-tricks or anything. So I don't necessarily worry about weight in general. Having myself steel plates instead of plastic Float plates and so forth. But this isn`t a thread about that.. ]

    @lemur said in Onewheel suspension:

    -I have to make a front shock mount, trying to get the proper geometry.

    Do you actually meant BACK shock mount?
    The swing-arm pivot point is on controller side (blue printed box)? Towards the direction of travel. And the center of hub motor already has an offset towards red printed box - therefore back bumper end needs redo. Sort of lengthening. Or am I totally mixing up smth here?

  • @Sirgu
    No, you're right, technically it's rear shock since it's mounted behind the axle, but since the shock is pointed forward, I called it front shock. I'm replacing the Pint rails, they're not long enough. I found 1-1/2x3/4x1/8 inch 6063 channel at Princess auto, of all places, 6063 isn't as strong as 6061 but hard to find 6061 in that size.
    $30 Canadian for 8 feet of 6063 channel.

  • @lemur
    I made new rails as the Pint rails are too short, These rails are XR length and I can use XR bumpers, footpads and fasteners.
    The "hoop" is to add strength as the motor is no longer a structural member, also the hoop will be a rear mounting point for a custom fender.IMG_4526 1.jpg

  • @lemur coolest f-in thing i've ever seen! total awe if this thing works like i expect it to work. i believe! Absolutely needs a video.

  • I second for the need of video! :}

  • @lemur great to see the development cycle progression. Looks much better now.

    Congrats, looking fwd to hearing how the ride experience is. Particularly when hard carving. I'm thinking the suspension windup response coming out of a deep carve will feel quite different.

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